Fashionable beach dresses for the summer of 2022 – an overview of the holiday hits you must have this season!

Are you going on a long-awaited vacation? Or maybe you are planning a weekend by the sea? Then your suitcase should certainly not be missing in beach dresses for women! These creations harmonize perfectly with swimwear, are feminine and comfortable and fit perfectly with current trends. Check out which fashionable beach dresses are a must-have for summer 2022!

Beach dresses for a swimsuit – the most fashionable duo for the summer of 2022

Fashionable swimsuit beach dresses are the annual holiday hit, returning in the summer of 2022. If you’ve already worn a solo or pareo duet costume, it’s worth investing in at least one breezy outfit during this vacation. Which models dominate current trends? They are on top airy >>beach dresses<< with flowers and tropical patterns† The girls also fell in love with openwork, strapless and maxi creations. However, this is not the end! In the summer of 2022, opt for long, elegant and cotton beach dresses.

The variety of models in line with seasonal trends makes it easy to find the perfect outfit for yourself. If you’re curious about which fashionable beach dresses are our editorial favorites for summer 2022 – read on!

White beach dresses for the summer of 2022 – a great return of the beloved holiday creations

White summer beach dresses have been dominating the beaches for many seasons† If you’re looking for an outfit that you can wear regardless of current trends, you’ve just found it. In the summer of 2022, we especially recommend maxi models, made of airy and slightly transparent fabrics. An equally fashionable choice is >>short beach dresses<< on straps in a white shade. Such holiday outfits will go perfectly with any bathing suit - both a one-piece model with flounces and a skimpy bikini.

Long beach dresses – maxi models that we will wear all the time in the summer of 2022

Long beach dresses are one of the most universal proposals in the world of summer fashion. Maxi outfits for the summer of 2022 delight with colors – they can be white, pink, green, blue, yellow or orange. There are also models decorated with prints – from classic flowers to abstract motifs. If you want to wear new clothes not only while sunbathing, but also to the bar or for a quick shopping – choose long beach dresses in cotton or linen† However, if you plan to show yourself in your outfit only by the sea or the ocean, then opt for openwork, sheer and airy maxi beach dresses.

Openwork beach dresses – a great offer for the summer of 2022, not only for fans of boho style

Openwork beach dresses will make a big return in the summer of 2022. This season you can choose creations with only subtle decorative elements, and go all out and treat yourself to a crochet model that makes your swimwear fully visible. Being number one in this category summer beach dresses, boho, maxi, white and with straps† Openwork models with an open back, slits on the legs and thighs, and decorative fringes on the nape or neckline also look beautiful. If you choose such an outfit, be sure to pair it with a two piece swimsuit and boho style accessories.

Airy midi beach dresses for summer 2022 – strapless and strapless proposals that caught our attention

Airy >>midi beach dresses<< They perfectly suit every figure and can be chosen by women of any age. Are you looking for such an outfit for the summer of 2022? Then you will find the perfect model in the retail chain without any problems. They are a universal proposition summer beach dresses with straps in white and beige tones† Women also eagerly opt for creations with a tie around the neck and those decorated with stripes, flowers and animal prints. If you feel like it, go for one of the fashionable strapless beach dresses, for example in black, pink or green.

These plus size summer beach dresses are a must-have for plus size women!

trendy plus size beach dress

And which summer beach dresses for the chubby to choose? Plus-size outfits should be a little looser – this cut allows you to mask the flaws of the figure in a fashionable way. Stylists especially recommend models with ruffles around the hips, thighs and stomach. As a fantastic choice for summer 2022 are trendy XXL beach dresses with a wrap design† In plus sizes, models with a cut below the bust, tied at the waist and models with an Empire cut also look great.

We know where to buy the trendy and cheap beach dresses for summer 2022: recommended online stores

airy beach dress

In many online stores you can buy fashionable and cheap beach dresses for the summer of 2022. Keep in mind that when shopping online you have at least 14 days to return it without giving a reason. This allows you to order some models that interest you, try them on at home and see which one suits you best. And where is it worth looking for beach dresses? Reserved, bonprix, H&M, C&A, Triumph and Calzedonia are popular brands that offer holiday outfits. You can also browse the range of shops such as Zara, Gatta, Mohito or Modivo, or hunt fashionable beach dresses on sale

Fashionable beach dresses are a must-have, not just for the summer of 2022. Holiday outfits come back every year like a boomerang, in perfect harmony with any bathing suit. Do you want the chosen model to match current and timeless trends? Then we recommend white, long and airy beach dresses. You will find these and hundreds of other offers on!

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