Daily horoscope for Tuesday June 28, 2022 for all zodiac signs

Meet the daily horoscope for Tuesday, June 28, 2022 for all zodiac signs. The sun is in the sign of Cancer, the moon starts its day in the sign of Gemini. After 1:53 PM, the Silver Globe will move to Cancer, where it will prepare for the new moon. There’s a lot going on in the air today, but thankfully the reception for most of the signs has been quite positive. The sextile of Mars and Saturn will help in perfectly planning today’s activities and taking energy-saving steps.

Daily horoscope for Tuesday June 28, 2022.

We want to be involved in cleaning up our houses, gardens or plots. Unfortunately, there is also worse news. The conjunction of Mars and the ominous asteroid Eris in the twenty-fifth degree of Aries will emphatically remind us of war turmoil in the world and will exacerbate conflict in several places on the planet. Today, the element of fire takes its toll and we can hear about the destructive power of fires.

Daily horoscope for Tuesday June 28, 2022 for all zodiac signs

It will be an extremely hot day for you in every way. Someone will stir you into an argument and provoke you into aggression. Ask yourself what you get when you join the battle. Try to stay away from open conflict, protect your energy.

Pay close attention to what will happen in your partnership today. There are important signs not to be taken lightly. Someone around you will be stubborn and consistent, so try to appease them before they make the problem worse.

Daily Horoscope – Gemini

Something will run over you like a duck. Despite the fact that you will be in the eye of the storm and someone will be very eager to put you in a bad light, none of these evil intentions will succeed. Your intellect will overcome all obstacles and your professional and social position will be unshakable.

You feel the tremendous tension with the approaching New Moon in your sign. You may find something disturbing or disturbing, even though nothing major happens. Don’t get into unnecessary fights with people around you, because that’s of no use to you. Take care of yourself.

Heaven will be conducive to your interests and appropriate connections to the background business. Nowadays you can easily sell something, buy something profitable and spend time with people who know how to get a good deal. More fear awaits you at night.

You won’t feel so well today. Excessive household chores and burdening you with problems or family concerns will overwhelm you and consume a lot of energy. In the evening, make a relaxing bath or cup of herbs to soothe and go to the bedroom early.

If you can afford it, it’s worth quitting your job today, taking time off and giving yourself a moment of peace. In the opposite sign of Aries, Mars and Eris will conjunction, making you weak and reluctant to interact with others.

Daily Horoscope – Scorpio

Mars’ high activity will wake you up like a sleeping warrior. You are going into battle with someone and you want to be successful in this clash at all costs. Today you are a bit ruthless and decide not to consider the consequences. Is it wise? Limit your emotions.

Daily Horoscope – Sagittarius

You want to get out of work quickly and you will. You will be tempted to spend large sums of money on unnecessary luxuries, cosmetics, clothing or treatments. Today you don’t take into account the volume of your wallet. Maybe you should count it all over again.

Daily Horoscope – Capricorn

You will feel that the sextile of Mars and Saturn gives you the opportunity to make great progress in construction, renovation and cleaning work. It’s a perfect day to proofread documents or view files. There will be notes on the receipts and account statements.

Daily Horoscope – Aquarius

Don’t get caught up in games at work. Others may be stressed and hypersensitive, but you should use common sense. You will not succumb to overreactions from those around you, but you will be methodical and planned, which will ensure your success.

Your sensitive nature will respond to the coming New Moon today. You get tired of the excess of intuitions, stimuli, dreams or signals that come at you from the invisible, spiritual world. This is not a good day for heavy physical work.

New moon in moon cards

When observing with moon mapping it is worth paying attention to the phase of the moon. The new moon, the first of the moon’s phases, is the time of beginnings and change, and above all a good time for reflection. It’s worth focusing on what you want to accomplish in the coming month, what your goals and intentions are. It is worth performing special rituals associated with the new moon.

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