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Find out where to go on vacation and escape the extreme heat. We present 5 places in Poland that offer bearable temperatures and coolness even in summer.

Heat waves sweeping through our country are increasingly taking their toll on everyone. It gets hotter every year and in the summer it can even get dangerous – too long exposure to the sun can lead to exhaustion and in extreme cases even heat stroke. Therefore, when choosing a place for a weekend trip or a family vacation, it is worth thinking about places with lower temperatures. See which places in Poland are cooler in summer too and let the cold be with you!

Hala Izerska – “Little Siberia”

Located in the Sudetes in Lower Silesia, Hala Izerska is a mountain meadow in the valley of the Jizera River, at an altitude of more than 850 meters. This is one of the coldest places in Poland: there have been years when the temperature in this place did not exceed -6ºC, and in the middle of summer! (In winter the temperature even dropped below -40ºC). It’s so cold here because of the specific terrain: the hall is surrounded by mountains on all sides. On clear nights, the heat here flows away from the ground, making the valley floor much cooler than the surrounding slopes. The average daily temperature there practically does not exceed 15 degrees, so it’s no wonder that Hala Izerska is called “Little Siberia”. To this day there is only one house in this area, called “Hut Górzystów”, which serves as a tourist accommodation. Conditions are spartan here: there’s no electricity and a toilet (just an outbuilding outside) and water is drawn from a stream that flows nearby. For these reasons, it is rather a proposal for lone travellers, thirsty for contact with nature and avoiding large groups of people undisturbed by rather primitive conditions. It is not recommended for families with children to stay here. If you decide to stay despite the inconvenience, you can count on a beautiful starry sky at night.

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Suwałki . Region

Known as the “Polish Cold Pool”, it lures tourists in summer with more reasonable temperatures than, say, coastal towns. In the vicinity of Suwałki and Olecko, the average temperature is around 18-20ºC, so it is an ideal choice for those escaping the summer heat. Thanks to the enormous number of natural and cultural attractions, nobody will be bored here, so you can go on holiday with the whole family. Besides the beautiful areas, such as the Biebrza National Park, Góra Cisowa, the Romincka Forest Landscape Park, Suwałki Landscape Park, the Wigry National Park, the Augustów Primeval Forest and Lake Wigry, one of the biggest attractions of the region is the famous Augustów- canal, a global attraction.


One of the most famous Polish mountains, also known as the “Queen of the Karkonosze Mountains”. It is the highest peak of the Sudeten (1600 m high), and the most characteristic point is the famous building of the Meteorological Observatory, which looks like a flying saucer. Climbing to the top, bought with a long climb, will give you a reward in the form of fresh air and cooling even in the middle of summer. The local thermometers in July and August indicate an average of less than 9ºC, and when it is windy, the wind chill is even lower. Therefore, when going to Śnieżka in summer, you should not forget to bring a warm, preferably rainproof jacket, even if in Karpacz, at his feet, we have to deal with heat up to 30 ° C.

Wieliczka Mine

On hot, humid summers, you can escape the heat… underground. So let’s visit the famous salt mine in Wieliczka. Here the temperature, even in the middle of summer, is pleasant, moderate, ranging from 17-18ºC. A visit to Solnakowa’s local Graduation Tower will help you clear your airways, relax and breathe clean, healthy air. In 1978, the Wieliczka mine was included in the first list of intangible heritage of UNESCO. The salt mine, which has been in operation for over 700 years, is so extensive that only 2% of the corridors are open to the public. Underground you can visit beautiful Crystal Caves, brine lakes, the chapel of St. Kinga and walk the “God Bless” pilgrimage route.

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Świętokrzyskie Mountains and Local Caves

The Świętokrzyskie Mountains, not yet trodden by tourists, are gentle, beautiful and with increasing altitude they also offer more moderate temperatures. In the Świętokrzyski National Park, the average annual air temperature is at the Św. The cross (575 m above sea level) is 5.8 ° C, and in the warmest month – July – it is 16 ° C, which corresponds to the conditions of the same period in … Finland. If it is still too hot for a tourist eager to cool off, you can cool off in many of the local beautiful caves that are open to the public. In the largest local cave – Raj – a constant temperature of about 8-9 ° C prevails, with a humidity of about 95%. Don’t forget to bring warm clothes as it will be cold in the cave.

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