Castle in Stobnica. The prosecutor’s office appealed the decision to stop the proceedings

Pozna investment from the company DJT in Stobnica (Wielkopolskie Voivodeship) is conducted in the area Kind 2000

According to the spokesman for the Pozna County Prosecutor’s Office Proxy ukasz Wawrzyniak in the opinion of the Public Prosecutor, the court took the unfounded assumption that there were grounds to terminate the proceedings against Paweł N., Dymitr N. and Waldemar S. without a hearing.

Castle in Stobnica. 14 floors above ground

standing on the edge The jungle of Notecka The multi-family building will have 14 above-ground storeys and a tower of several tens of meters. In August 2018, the Minister of the Environment instructed the Director-General for the Environment to initiate an audit of the building decision-making process. The public prosecutor’s office was also notified in this case.

At the end of 2020, the prosecutor’s office filed charges in court against persons “whose acts are related to the execution of illegal investment“Six people were charged. By the seventh, because of her death, the prosecutor has stopped proceedings related to the charges against her.

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Among the suspects were Paweł N. and Dymitr N. Dymitr N., who represented the company carrying out the investment, was accused of carrying out a construction investment in Special protection area for birds within the Natura 2000 network† Paweł N. has been charged with using a document confirming falsehood, making a false statement about his right to dispose of the property and engaging in activities that endanger the environment.

According to the prosecutor’s office, Waldemar S., as an architect and chief designer, acting to obtain financial benefits, confirmed the falsehood of the document by providing unreliable data on the size of the area planned to be transformed, and helped Paweł zo N. to commit the alleged crime.

Termination of criminal proceedings

Beginning of June court in Oborniki decided to stop the criminal proceedings against Paweł N., Dymitr N. and Waldemar S.. The spokesman for the Pozna County Prosecutor’s Office, lawyer Łukasz Wawrzyniak, announced on Tuesday that the Pozna County Prosecutor’s Office has filed a complaint against the court’s decision. He explained that in the opinion of the prosecutor it was unfounded.

– The decision of the court is incorrect, because the investment to build a huge residential and commercial facility in the Special Protection Area for Birds within the Natura 2000 network obviously falls under the letter of art. 188 of the Criminal Code (performing activities that threaten the environment – ed.). This provision allows the penalty of up to 2 years in prison for individuals who carry out activities that endanger nature in protected areas – he said.

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The complaint emphasized that the defendants, well aware that they were making an investment that required a decision on environmental conditions, wrongly reduced the investment area to 1.7 ha in the documentation submitted to the offices. In addition, the prosecutor found it unacceptable for the Oborniki Court to rely on the judgment of January 12, 2022, which had been appealed to the Supreme Administrative Court. Provincial Administrative Court

– The prosecutor’s astonishment was aroused by the court’s statement that the verdict was based, among other things, on the statements of the suspect, in a situation where two of them refused to submit them, and the third only made a statement . The prosecutor’s criticisms also related to the unjustified exclusion of the case of the other defendants from separate investigation and settlement, when it should be referred to the main hearing and continued in its entirety with regard to all defendants, said district attorney Wawrzyniak.

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