Castle in Stobnica. The Pozna County Prosecutor’s Office has filed a complaint against the discontinuation of the proceedings against Paweł N., Dymitr N. and Waldemar S.

The Pozna County Prosecutor’s Office does not agree with the decision of the court in Oborniki (Greater Poland), which in early June ended criminal proceedings against three – out of six – accused in the case of the construction of the so-called castle in Stobnica. According to the public prosecutor, the court assumed unfounded that there were grounds for dismissing the case without a hearing. The controversial investment is being made in the Natura 2000 area.

The construction of the so-called The Castle in Stobnica is an investment of the Pozna-based DJT company, carried out in the Natura 2000 area. The multi-family building under construction on the edge of the Noteć forest will have 14 above-ground floors and a tower of several tens of meters. In August 2018, the Minister of the Environment instructed the General Director of Environmental Protection to initiate an urgent inspection of the building decision-making process. The public prosecutor’s office was also notified in this case.

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Castle in Stobnica in April 2019

At the end of 2020, the prosecutor’s office filed a complaint in court against persons “whose activities are related to the implementation of an illegal investment consisting in the construction of a residential and economic facility in the protected area Natura 2000 Puszcza Notecka”. Six people were charged with the charges. In view of the seventh, because of her death, the public prosecutor has discontinued the proceedings regarding the charges against her.

Defendants in the case of the castle

Among the suspects were Paweł N. and Dymitr N., who represented the company that carried out the investment – Dymitr N. was accused of carrying out a construction investment in the Special Bird Protection Zone as part of the Natura 2000 network in violation of the ban . accused Paweł N. of committing two crimes: using false statements of the document, showing unreliable data about the area planned to be transformed in connection with the implementation of the construction project by reducing its area and a false statement about the right to dispose of the property – Łukasz Wawrzyniak, spokesman for the Pozna District Prosecutor’s Office explained to the media.

Paweł N. was also accused of carrying out activities that endanger the environment.

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According to the prosecutor’s office, Waldemar S., as an architect and chief designer, acting to obtain financial benefits, confirmed the falsehood of the document by providing unreliable data on the size of the area planned to be transformed, thus helping Paweł N to to commit the alleged crime.

Prosecutor’s charges regarding the castle in Stobnicatvn24

The court rejected, the prosecutor’s office filed a complaint

On June 6, the court in Oborniki held a hearing on the matter. By the court’s ruling, the criminal case against Paweł N., Dmitri N. and Waldemar S. was discontinued. The defense’s main argument, considered by the court, was that it is not a criminal case, but an administrative one. The court’s decision was not final.

On June 28, it turned out that the Pozna County Prosecutor’s Office had filed a complaint against this decision of the Oborniki County Court. According to the spokesman for the Pozna County Prosecutor’s Office, in the opinion of the prosecutor, the court considered without merit that there were grounds to stop the proceedings against Paweł N., Dymitr N. and Waldemar S. without holding a hearing.

More people count on redemption

Requests to stop the proceedings have also been made by the other defendants in this case: Iwona P. – who was the building superintendent in Oborniki, and Marek J. and Bernadeta G. – employees of the Architecture and Construction Department in the County Office in Oborniki . The court has ruled out their case and these requests will be heard in a separate hearing.

The construction of the castle has been going on for about seven years.

Prosecutor’s charges regarding the castle in Stobnicatvn24

Main photo source: tvn24

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