Cardiovascular diseases are decimating Poland. Summer is especially dangerous for ‘heart’

Cardiovascular diseases have been the leading cause of death in Poland for years. 175,000 die each year due to cardiological problems. inhabitants of our country. Summer is a particularly difficult time for “heart”. Temperature changes, pressure fluctuations, long journeys by plane or car are a major threat to their health and life.

1. Health check before the holidays

There is no doubt that people who suffer from all kinds of cardiovascular diseases should check their vacation plans with their treating physician. This is especially important for people who have recently had surgery or their health has deteriorated.

It is especially important because not every holiday destination, mode of transport or form of rest is advisable and safe. Your doctor may order additional tests, or you may need to change your medications or their dosage. Some patients receive additional anticoagulants or reduced doses of diuretics while traveling.

Also remember to pack all the preparations you make every day in your hand luggage. For that, it is also worth taking out travel insurance.

2. What should you pay attention to when flying by plane?

Regardless of the illnesses we suffer from, experts recommend getting up and walking aboard every now and then when traveling by plane. This activity can improve circulation. On the other hand, people who have had a heart attack or exacerbation of coronary disease in the past few days should resign from the flight. Any uncontrolled heart conditions, such as cardiac arrhythmias, are also a contraindication.

– But a person who has survived a heart attack some time ago, is being treated and is being treated by a doctor, can travel by plane. On the other hand, if a disease comes on suddenly and there is a significant deterioration in well-being that has not been previously discussed with a doctor, in such cases it is not recommended to travel by air. Patients with uncontrolled hypertension should also refrain from air travel because a sudden change in altitude and the associated change in pressure can negatively affect the patient – says in an interview with WP abcZdrowie Michał Chudzik, MD, PhD, cardiologist and internal medical specialist of the department and clinic of cardiology of the medical university of Lodz.

The doctor adds that patients who can travel by air should remember to drink water.

– What is a danger when flying in an airplane is the possibility of dehydration because the body is susceptible to it under such circumstances. Both the altitude and the humidity of the air are different, and this increases the risk of thromboembolic complications, especially without adequate hydration – explains the cardiologist.

3. What kind of rest for ‘heart’?

dr. Chudzik adds that people suffering from cardiovascular disease are not advised to stay in bright sunlight. And while the doctor recommends going for a walk, he doesn’t recommend taking it when the heat is most noticeable. They are indicated after 4 pm when the sun is no longer as blazing as it is between 10 am and 3 pm. In addition, salt and fresh water baths are also allowed.

– Summer holidays are the best opportunity to start walking and cycling, which support the work of the heart. Moderate exercise is the best therapy that we should practice regularly. Avoid sunbathing and walking in direct sunlight, as dehydration can again be most dangerous in high temperatures. Water loss is associated with severe electrolyte imbalances, which can lead to changes in heart rhythm, drop in blood pressure, or fainting. One of the most serious effects of dehydration is also kidney failure – emphasizes Dr. Chudzik.

In addition to hydration, it is also very important to provide the right amount of electrolytes, such as sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium ions. It is their presence that determines the water and electrolyte balance, the balance of which ensures proper functioning of the body.

– Olives are eaten in the summer in southern European countries, fresh cucumbers with salt are popular in Poland. In hot weather, we sweat and lose sodium, and the deficiency can further exacerbate heart disease. So remember to watch your diet in the summer and replenish both hydration levels and electrolytes — explains Dr. Chudzik out.

Katarzyna Gałązkiewicz, journalist from Wirtualna Polska

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