build houses without a permit. It’s nothing that will make you fall into a swamp bigger than WIBOR

Owning a house is a dream of millions of Poles who want to become the middle class. Our own garage, yard, and SUV parked in the driveway is a photo straight out of American family movies, deeply etched into the minds of our compatriots, defining for years what a prosperous and carefree life should look like. The second such archetype was Jędrula from the “Foster Family”, but let’s omit his character because of the element of promoting high voltage drinks.

Going back home – taking them out through Law and Justice right now seems to be an attempt to alleviate the crisis that is growing around housing. We wrote in that without 10 thousand. PLN at hand, today it is difficult to think about buying a new apartment in a big city. And we are only talking about a studio apartment here. So we’re going to be in debt for the rest of our lives to own an apartment (that’s how it goes in the advertising brochure), which we’ll enjoy for years to come. Then you are probably thinking of expanding your family. And sank. Another bigger loan for a bigger apartment could be nice.

If we don’t make money at the pace of Rafał Zaorski, that is rather out of the question. The government began to feel shy about solving this problem, removing the need to obtain permits for the construction of houses up to 70 square meters from January 1 this year. More precisely, he expanded the scope of freedom in construction, because previously the limit was 35 square meters. Now the Ministry of Development and Technology has decided that there is no point in worrying about details like the area. Build it, build it. We do not care.

These days it seems like stacks of binders are being taken to offices, and every page, every few hundred thousand pages, is expected to be verified there, and maybe the office sees something or not. However, after the changes, it will be the case that the responsibility for the construction process will be taken by whoever prepared the project – i.e. the architect, and the one who supervises the construction – i.e. the construction manager – said Minister Waldemar Buda in the Tłit WP program.

Looks cool, doesn’t it? Anyone who has ever built a home knows that the sole merit of making money is the ability to navigate the hallways of offices. And this problem must be left out of the minds of Poles. From January 2023, because then the new rules must come into effect.

Let’s move on in six months. What do we see? I have a little doubt that there are many Poles who are throwing themselves into the construction of 350 meter high villas. The problem may even be with those 100-120 yards. In fact, the cost of building houses has already exceeded the financial capacity of many buyers.

On ad portals, the phrase “for sale, airframe condition” is a sensation. Rzeczpospolita wrote that prices start from 200,000. zloty. These are not behemoths built by millionaires, but rather a sad end to the struggles of those with tight budgets and the rampant prices of building materials.

Let’s take a look at the numbers to avoid guesswork. In the survey, 77 percent. voters admitted that they exceeded the proposed budget. That in itself is of course not a bad thing. Underestimating construction costs is a classic among the classics. The problem is, the respondents were wrong on average… by as much as 20 percent. They are not surprised, because the cost of building a house rose mainly due to the rising prices of building materials. A horse with a row that predicted they would increase by an average of a third over the course of the year.

However, I fully understand the builders. More than half of them were assured that the house could be built up to 600,000. zloty. Which again shows that the country’s financial elite was not involved in putting them in place, but people who, when they saw what was happening in the real estate market, said, okay, I’m getting out, I’d rather have a nice house in the suburbs then fight among developer offices for the honor of buying two rooms in the skyscraper.

However, developers have one advantage that after signing a development agreement with them, the price of the flat does not change. And the cost of building a house basically changes from day to day. In the eyes of my imagination, I see Kowalski and Nowak facing their busy investments and wondering how they can tighten the budget without visiting loan companies. Because the fact that the bank that just gave them a loan to build a house isn’t eager to jump out of the money is as certain as two times two.

What will both gentlemen think of as they stand there? Probably about what it would be like “you know, master, something cheaper to do”. mr. Foreman will certainly go hand in hand, because and why not. After all, it’s not his house. And if he doesn’t go fast, he’ll be replaced by someone to go. After all, the customer is our master.

Out of curiosity, I asked the industry what Poland saves the most and what it entails. And it turned out that the average builder is not very interested in technology. It must be fast and cheap. It happens that the cheapest selected construction team does not have its own material and the ordering party travels through the city in search of wheelbarrows and concrete mixers for them.

Then it only gets worse. Trapezoidal sheet metal, known from Polish barns, appears on the roofs. But even that is not a problem according to my interlocutors, because except for the questionable aesthetic value, it poses no threat. Worse, other savings made in the build phase can lead to a loud hiccup several decades later.

Recently I saw a building where the wall was … how do you say – patchwork. Each layer is made of a different material. What was not there – porotherm, aerated concrete, ytong. Each of them has a different heat permeability. Effect? The wall does not keep warm, cold bridges form – explains the specialist.

Extra cash for thermal insulation is just the beginning. Let’s take plumbing on the wallpaper. Customers, who have the choice of Polish or Chinese valves, opt for the latter, even if they hear that the specialist does not want to guarantee the installation result. In the kitchen, they decide to use two-phase instead of five-phase. Teams grab their heads, but they do. After all, the fact that the electrical installation can burn down is a problem for the customer. You can also shorten the costs on the base plate. And it happens.

This makes some homes suitable for general renovation after 5-8 years. Price?

Tens, if not hundreds of thousands of zlotys. The mere replacement of the roof can cost 70,000. zloty. But customers don’t think about it. Heard that you can reduce construction costs by 10 thousand. PLN lose the remnants of their mind – I hear.

Jarosław Kaczyński criticized developers last weekend, and the government is tempting Poland to build houses with the other hand. Oh, don’t let our compatriots walk over it, because as you can see, clumsy building can cost you more than just taking out an unfavorable loan.

Lest it turns out that in a few years we will “sit in houses without a permit”. With debts to banks and cracked floors, walls and renovation prospects for 100 tiles for an extra measure.

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