16 km/h – a radio trip by bike and atmospheric conversations with special people [POSŁUCHAJ]

This year, Włodek Raszkiewicz is going on a bicycle and radio trip through Pomerania at a speed of 16 km/h. Both the public and our journalist enjoyed last year’s expedition. – It’s a journey into the unknown. The trip will consist of visiting interesting people, one day I will stay with them, use the accommodation and the next day go in search of another remarkable person and his original way of life – says Włodek.

– Usually I meet the heroes of my interviews for half an hour, an hour, just enough to record the conversation. This time I want to do it differently. Let it be during the day or late at night. So you can get to know each other better, learn more about yourself and even make friends. That’s why I went by bike, slowly looking for special people and stories about special places. – I have no special requirements. I can sleep in a lineman’s booth, a shed, under a forest shelter, in a potter’s workshop. It’s about the feel of the atmosphere of the place. I can also come to you when it is on its way. Feel free to call or write. My number is 695 36 00 28. Best regards. Włodek Raszkiewicz – he encourages.

Reports of the expedition were broadcast Monday through Thursday after 1 p.m. in July.

(Photo: Radio Gdańsk / Włodzimierz Raszkiewicz)



(Photo: Radio Gdansk)

Monday 27 June. How do you cycle when it’s hot outside? Thermometers indicate more than 30 degrees in the shade. In this case, it is best to go to Rafał Król and ask for advice. Rafał for me is an authority on equipment and all tourist and expedition advice. He gives this kind of training. Take a look at his portal expeditions.pl. I’ve heard it’s best to do what people in warm countries do. You don’t drink cold drinks there, because it’s a signal to the brain – I get cold, you have to do everything you can to warm up. You have to drink a lot, but coffee and alcohol are not allowed in small sips.

Listen to Rafał Król’s tips for the heat:


When I talk about the heat, I’m referring to Rafał’s last trip to Morocco. Here we admire the photos of Boris Komander from the desert. Most impressive is a photo of the desert, where an observant onlooker will notice the caravan.

(Photo by Borys Komander)

Rafał and his friends went to Morocco in April, if the heat isn’t too bothersome there. We are talking about the fact that holidays are generally best done outside of the holidays for several reasons:


At the end of the meeting we also talk about sleeping during the trip. It is best to take a tent with you when traveling. It gives you a sense of independence. Just falling in the woods can be a lot of fun. In this case, the tent will work better than a tarpaulin or a hammock.


(Photo: Radio Gdansk)

The next day, Tuesday, June 28, is a meeting with the Lovers. Ola and Daniel gave me reading material for the road – a book that greatly inspired them for their next trip. The expedition is inspired by the route taken by British writer and traveler Bernard Newman in 1934. On this basis, the book “By bicycle through the Second Republic of Poland” was created, which will accompany them on their adventure. The Lovers quit their jobs, leave their rented apartment and trade it for a camping trip. They want to visit places where their bicycle predecessor has arrived.


Ola and Daniel talk not only about their latest project, but also about themselves. They come from small towns in Masuria and currently live in Gdańsk. One day they went on a two-day bike ride and they haven’t separated each other and their two-wheelers since. It started when he took her to the castle in Łapalice, and as a result their engagement took place in Venice, of course during a bike ride.


(Photo: Radio Gdańsk / Włodzimierz Raszkiewicz)

Ola and Daniel go somewhat classy. She has an interwar hat and wears a tasteful flat cap. But in their suitcases they have a lot of electronics needed to register the trip. It is worth visiting their website loverowi.pl.

(Photo: Radio Gdańsk / Włodzimierz Raszkiewicz)

Dedication to the book donated by Ola and Daniel. As a result of this maxim

Wlodzimierz Raszkiewicz

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