Which sells better – flats, houses or land?

Flats, houses or land – what to invest in now? According to real estate experts, each of these products has its own customer. There are some trends that are happening today. Due to the high demand and the relatively low supply of building land, prices will continue to rise. Clients are also coming for flats and single-family homes. What is the conclusion of this? Investments in real estate and land are profitable because there is an unrelenting demand for them.

Prices of agricultural land in Poland range from more than PLN 68,000 per hectare in the Greater Poland Voivodeship to PLN 32,000 in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship. The average price of agricultural land in our country is now 47,510 PLN, reports the Central Bureau of Statistics. As a rule, middle class (3b, 4) and weak (5th and 6th class) lands are usually used for the construction of houses or estates. What is the price of this land? This is on average PLN 48 675 and PLN 34 488 per hectare (agricultural land), but the same hectare of land included in the local development plan as building land can have a value of 10 or even 20 times higher

Demand for country will not decrease

Marcin Kuryło – co-owner and mentor at Horyzoncie Inwestycji, emphasizes that the demand for land will not decrease. All the more so as there is still a huge demand for new investments.

– You have to look more at the land in terms of investment. In fact, from the entrepreneur’s point of view, they can be a better capital investment than apartments or houses. Land will yield and give much higher returns over time – due to the fact that no more land will come. Today only land of the weaker class is sold or transformed, usually it is the fourth class, sometimes the third. High-quality land is not transformed because it produces good crops and provides for people’s nutritional needs. Of course there are exceptions, but then it arises from a very large social needexplains Marcin Kuryao.

The expert adds that taking into account houses, flats and land – land is the best way to make money. The purchasing activity of investors and developers, as well as private individuals, remains at a high level.

House or flat? What to invest in?

The sales volume of houses and apartments is at a comparable level. This means that the newly built properties find buyers. Despite information about alleged austerity measures by developers, primary market real estate prices are not falling.

– There should be an equal sign between houses and apartments. Flats sell and will continue to sell. Mainly because they are smaller. Usually the biggest demand is 30 to 40 square meters, then 70 to 80 square meters, and then more than 100 square meters. Nevertheless, given the percentage increase, it can be said that it is the apartments that sell better, because there are simply more because of the greater supply. On the other hand, looking through the prism of sales growth, we certainly see a much larger increase in single-family homes, whether it be single-family, semi-detached or terraced houses.adds Marcin Kuryao.

The trend of selling apartments in the city is also observed in the purchase of houses in one of the above buildings on the outskirts of the city. Why? More and more people are working remotely or in hybrid mode. Therefore, they choose areas where they can escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Fashion for out-of-town homes

The growing demand for housing outside the city is also confirmed by the real estate development company RealCo, which has started selling properties in Michałowice near Warsaw. The city is only 2.5 kilometers from the capital.

The growing demand for housing outside the city is also confirmed by the real estate development company RealCo, which has started selling properties in Michałowice near Warsaw. The city is only 2.5 kilometers from the capital.

– Residents are increasingly willing to migrate from the city to the suburbs. They choose the surroundings of Warsaw, Krakow, Poznań and Łódź. Anywhere you can find a job in a big city, and at the same time enjoy the silence in a quiet neighborhood. Potential owners are asking for private gardens and are looking for those with an area of ​​up to 500 square meters. The most chosen residential areas are from 140 to 150 square meters. Consumers also appreciate modern solutions such as underfloor heating, home preparation for easy installation of photovoltaic and air conditioning systems. All energy-saving and ecological solutions are in trend. Think of energy-efficient mechanical ventilation or a socket with the possibility to charge an electric carMartyna Budziszewska, sales specialist at RealCo.

Experts agree that demand for land, houses and apartments will continue or continue to grow – even if their prices continue to rise.

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