The best TVs worth buying. Summer edition 2022

Six months behind the belt is the perfect time to jump to some conclusions and tell yourself the best TVs we have on the market right now. This year’s World Cup will be in late fall. But the sky-high prices can be a good impulse to buy a TV set in June. Especially because there are still a few interesting models from last year on offer. This is a slightly less typical set of televisions that are already available or will hit store shelves any time soon.

The Best Cheap TV – TCL 55P725

For less than PLN 2,000 we can buy a 55-inch TV with Android TV, HDR support (including Dolby Vision) and even Dolby Atmos sound decoding. It is also a screen with a very solid design. The equipment may not spoil us with dynamics or advanced image processing, but it works stably. I think this is one of the better options at the current increasing prices of devices.

Best Cheap TV for Streaming – TCL 55C635

The C635 is also a TCL product, but a step up, this year’s proposal is equipped with a QLED 60Hz matrix, ie with support for a wide range of colors. In addition, the TV offers Google TV, a modified and enhanced Android TV platform. This is in my opinion one of the surprises of 2022 also in terms of value for money and possibilities. Wide application support, support for all formats and, however, the visible benefits of a wide range of colors make it an ideal budget model for streaming. For a young viewer, for people who are now buying their first TV, this is one of the most interesting options.

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The best reasonable TV from 2021 that is still worth seeking out – Samsung Q70A

This year’s Samsung TVs haven’t finally hit the market yet. Their distribution is booming, which is why the prices are hardly attractive. However, last year’s Q70A model is a tried and true solution. One of the cheapest TVs on the market with a 120 Hz matrix, ideal for gaming, sports broadcasting and the Tizen 2021 system’s user-friendly interface makes navigation easier for everyone, including the elderly.

The cheapest mini LED screen – TCL 55C825

TCL is increasingly entering the market and collecting new segments, if not new interesting products, than devices from last year that are still for sale, but at extremely attractive prices. This is the case with TCL C825, not only QLED display with 120 Hz matrix and Android TV, but also multi-zone backlighting with miniLED. We’re dealing with great black and contrast here. Let’s add a comprehensive audio system and a built-in camera for video calling by Google duo. And all for less than PLN 4,000 in the 55-inch variant and less than PLN 5,000 in the 65-inch variant. It’s also a model worth seeking out before the last items sell out.

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The biggest innovation in TV 2022 – Samsung The Frame 2022

2022 novelties in this list should not be missing. The Frame 2022 is an unusual, extraordinary TV set that, in my opinion, brings the biggest change to the model range in the entire market. This TV has a very matte matrix, which should really make the TV look like a photo. It looks phenomenal in art mode (when we’re not actively using the TV), but it’s also practical during shows in a sunny room. Too bad there is no miniLED backlighting and high brightness, then it would be the first choice screen for me and unfortunately you have to make some compromises.

The most anticipated TV – Sony X90K

Sony’s 90-series LCD displays have been a hit with the company for at least four years. It is such a hit product, well priced, well equipped and even unmatched in its parameters. The new X90K has an even more advanced backlight system, providing better contrast and blacks. Unfortunately, it is more expensive than its predecessor in the beginning, but these are the times. I look forward to it in wider distribution and I know it will be one of those TVs that I will be happy to recommend to anyone who expects good picture quality at a relatively reasonable price, including in large diagonals.

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Probably the best TV of 2022 – Sony A95K

The range of Sony 2022 screens is very interesting, especially when we talk about product tops. The Japanese focus on high quality. A technological novelty that caused a small shock is the appearance of the QD-OLED Samsung Display matrix. Used in Samsung S95B TVs and the Sony A95K. The combination of a new very bright organic matrix with very saturated and reference colors with an advanced XR processor gives very good results, at least that’s what it looked like at first glance when I saw this TV live. However, I will wait until December for the final assessment of whether it is the best TV of 2022 😉 And especially at the moment when these TV sets are already on sale in their ready-made versions.

Probably the biggest TV of 2022 – TCL 98C735

Large, approximately 100-inch TVs have already appeared on the market. However, they have never cost so little and have never been available with a relatively wide distribution. They were curiosities, solutions for tycoons and simply a display of the strength of the manufacturer. Now TCL comes to the customer with a 98-inch high-mid-range TV. It’s 120 Hz, QLED, Google TV and just a giant screen for 25,000 zlotys. You want it, as long as you have a free piece of the wall.

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The TV we’re waiting for a price cut – LG OLED C2

The C Series in LG OLED TVs are proven products that have always been a reference for the entire market. This year the slogan “it was already cheap” seems to be the reference. The TV is simply expensive, although it is brighter than its predecessor and simply better. However, I believe that the situation will normalize a bit in the near future and the equipment will become a bit more affordable.

The most underrated TVs on the market: 8K displays from Samsung and Sony

I believe the subject of 8K televisions has been wrongly swept under the rug. It is true that there is no content in 8K and there will not be, if not for a long time, at least in this decade. On the other hand, large televisions demand high pixel density, advanced backlighting with thousands of miniLED diodes, advanced processors that can perfectly upscale this image. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly state that the top quality is achieved on models such as Sony Z9K, Sony Z9J, Samsung QN900B, QN800B, QN900A, QN800A. And the most demanding buyers of 75.85-inch TVs should be interested in such screens.

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