Summer promotion 2022 with MOSiR in Radom

Throughout the summer, many attractions await us at the MOSiR Borki Center. From June 25 every day from 10-18 a supervised bathing beach will be open from the side of ul. Stasieckiego and Bulwarowa.

– During the opening hours of the bathing beach, you can also use the rental of water equipment. In June you can learn the secrets of SUP paddling. Qualified instructors will provide special training. From 1 July we invite children to lessons with a sports animator. They are held Monday through Friday from 9-14. Playfully, under the watchful eye of qualified coaches and instructors, the youngest learn the secrets of table tennis or team games, such as volleyball, other football. We encourage you to participate in free swimming lessons. In July it takes place in the Orka pool. In the second month of the summer holidays, they take place in the Delfin swimming pool. During the holidays, we also encourage you to take advantage of the rich offer of the Neptun Aquapark – says Michał Podlewski from MOSiR.

From July 5, the competition will start with us in the largest summer football tournament “From the yard to the stadiums”. Many attractive prizes await the participants. The organizers are waiting for registrations. We will meet the winners of the competition on July 22.

From July 14 at the stadium at ul. Narutowicz, there will be summer athletics Thursdays. Children participate in three groups: born in 2009, born in 2010 and born in 2011 and younger. The competition schedule includes running races, long jump and throwing a jerkball. The organizer, namely ROZLA, provided sweet gifts for the top positions.

In the last week of July, MOSiR joins the organization of “Holidays with a smile”. It is a free stay of 8 days, organized by the Foundation “Dzieło Nowy Tysiąclecia” for young people from Ukraine who are fleeing the war and have taken refuge in Poland.

Our facilities will also organize archery, boxing and tennis training. The Radomiak Academy invites you to football day camps. Those who want to give their gray cells an effective rest will also find something for themselves. We will propose educational activities for them.

Below you will find details of all activities. We will update the class schedule regularly. We recommend that you systematically check the timetable on the website


A soccer tournament to open the summer vacation for 2012 soccer players – a field with an artificial surface of MOSiR on, ul. Chałubiński, Wednesday (June 29). starting at 9.

76th PZLA Polish U20 Championship – MOSiR stadium at ul. Narutowicz July 9 7-9 (Thurs – Saturday), entry to the event is free.

Activities “Tennis for children and young people“- courts at ul. Bulwarowa. Tuesday and Thursday, from 10.30-12. Free lessons. Information and registration via tel. 693 472 680

Tournament “From the garden to the stadiums” – a field with an artificial surface of MOSiR on, ul. Chałubiński. The competition will take place from 5 to 22 July.

Monitored pool and water equipment rental – The MOSiR Borki Center is open daily from June 25 to August 31 from 10-18.

Swimming lessons on a SUP board – MOSiR Borki Center at ul. Stasiecki Monday and Wednesday (from June 29). Free lessons. They are held in two groups of 10-11.30 and 11.30-13.

Athletic Thursdays – MOSiR stadium at ul. Narutowicz 9 Thursdays (14, 21, 28 July, 4, 11, 18, 25 August). starting at 16. The competition is organized by ROZLA. Participation in the event is free.

Archery Lessons – side pitches at ul. Current. Wednesday, 15.30-17 (from July 18 to August 24). Free lessons.

Football day camps – playground at ul. rapaki. Monday – Friday, from 9-17 (from 4 to 9 July, from 11 to 15 July, from 18 to 22 July) Participation in the day camps is paid. Information about day camps at the Radomiak Academy.

Activities with a sports animatoru (volleyball, football, table tennis) – MOSiR Borki Center at ul. Stasiecki. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9-14. Free lessons.

swimming lessons Tuesday and Thursday from 10-13. Classes are held in July at the Orka Pool at ul. Mynarska. In August, in the Delfin swimming pool at ul. Piastowska. Free lessons. You can participate after purchasing a ticket that entitles you to access the swimming pool. Detailed information and registration for swimming pools: 48 377 90 32.

Holiday with a smile – MOSiR facilities at ul. Narutowicz 9. July 25 – August 1 Free stay organized by the Foundation “Dzieło Nowy Tysiąclecia” for youth from Ukraine. The camp includes Sports Day (July 28).

Volleyball lessons for girls – MOSiR hall at ul. Narutowicz Wednesday, Thursday (August 3 and 4, 12 noon), for girls born in 2010-12. Free lessons. Thursday, Friday (August 11 and 12, 12 noon), for girls born in 2007-10. Free lessons.

Colorful summer (educational activities for the youngest in groups, the number of places is limited, the order of registrations determines) – MOSiR facilities at ul. Narutowicz. Lessons from 9-15 (from July 11 to July 15 and from July 19 to July 22). Free lessons. Information and registration on tel. 606 717 041.

Educational and sporting Tuesdays with MOSiR (educational and recreational activities for children, the number of places is limited, the order of applications determines) – MOSiR facilities at ul. Narutowicz. Tuesday, from 9-15 (every Tuesday from July 26 to August 30). Free lessons. Information and registration on tel. 606 717 041.

boxing training – room of the MOSiR Borki Center at ul. Stasiecki. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11-13 (from August 16 to August 25). Free lessons.

The information will be updated regularly. Details on the website

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