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Summer has finally arrived! At RMF FM we have prepared many attractions for you for your vacation. There will be the best music under the sun, the latest facts, games with prizes, podcasts with excitement, concerts, encounters with stars and many surprises. We will do everything we can to make it a special time full of fun!

Wake up, it’s a shame about summer

Monday – Friday: 06:00 – 10:00 o’clock

How to get up, it’s only with RMF FM! In the morning we will do everything we can to make the start of the day as least painful and pleasant for you as possible … and we don’t delay during the holidays. On the contrary

We make sure you start every day with the best music, the latest news and a big smile on your face. Do you have trouble getting up? We will help! We will organize a wake-up call for you that will stay with you for a long time to come. Stars wake up listeners and listeners wake up Stars – write to 3322!

In addition, our holiday weather woman will give these sunny and stormy forecasts. From her you are the first to know everything that will happen in the sky on summer days. Regardless of the weather aura, he will also answer your calls with a beaming smile! Do you have any ideas or comments? Share them! Every day the best of them is rewarded. Have fun with us, shame about the summer!

Summer everywhere

Monday – Friday: 10:00 AM – 2:30 PM

We will come back to your favorite promotion from Monday to Friday “1, 2, 3 – RMF looks”† Stay tuned and show us how you have fun on your vacation. In addition, our leaders will make sure that on summer days you will be accompanied by the best music under the sun, you will not be without a reason to laugh, and of course – we will have the most important news from the world, several interesting tidbits for you. There will also be encounters with stars, many surprises and … conciliatory arguing neighbors!

Yes Yes! At RMF FM we do not shy away from challenges. This holiday we want to take care of neighbor relations so that it is more pleasant for everyone! Have you been living with someone like Kargul and Pawlak for years? Wondering how to change it, but don’t have the courage? Only at RMF FM are we able to bury the war barbecue and reconcile the neighbors who have been growling at each other for years! Sorry about such quarrels. We are already waiting for your applications. One sentence is enough: Neighbor, forgive me! And – maybe – it will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship

Summer time

Monday – Friday: 14:30 – 19:00

Summer time in RMF FM is a time of great madness! Every day we guarantee you a hearty portion of the best entertainment. It doesn’t matter whether you are on the road, at work, on a field or on vacation. Will be Anti talent showthey will competitionsthere will be a lot of laughs! There will be a hot secretary faithfully waiting for your calls† Is your boss on vacation? Is the boss on vacation? Don’t wait a moment. Call us when your supervisor is on vacation, and we’ll make it a party at work that you will remember for a long time! Make it an unforgettable summer full of fun.

Poplist Plus Holidays

Monday – Friday: 19:00 – 24:00

The pop list in RMF FM doesn’t just contain the hits you love the most! It is a program that never lacks the best music. And in the holiday version, it also has some surprises! We have plans many encounters with the stars† Where are they on vacation? How do they like to rest? What do they listen to when traveling? You will hear the answers to these and many more questions in our evening programmes.

In our new series “No i gitarra” you will also hear … focal covers of the greatest hits. Throughout the holidays, the artists will show us new versions of famous hits! It will be surprising, it will be homey, it will be fun! Are you ready for this? Because we are already looking forward to it!

For those whose hearts, besides guitars, also play more lyrical notes – A Midsummer Night’s Dream, that is, a return to the corner of yawning poetry. You can not miss it!

And for everyone who can and loves to sing we have a special promotion #LOVERMF† What is it about? This summer, Darek Maciborek is a hunter of musical talent. This is a unique opportunity to showcase your talent on RMF FM. All of Poland hears the best in Popliście!

Dear listeners, show me what you can do! Upload your versions of your favorite songs on TikTok and don’t forget to tag and add RMF FM #LOVERMF† We are waiting for your recordings! The winner or the winner of the game will sing on the beach stage for Dawid Kwiatkowski during the LOVE Ustka Festival!!!

Goodnight in the summer

Monday – Friday: 24:00 – 6:00

The night is not necessary for sleeping. After all, nothing gives you more energy in the evening than the best music, well-driven speakers and talkative listeners! In this program everyone will find something for themselves – from musical curiosities and gossip about the beautiful and famous to more or less absurd news from the world – this is what Dobranocka in the summer in RMF FM.

Busy on Saturday

Saturday: 6.00 am – 12.00 pm

Summer Saturdays at RMF FM promise to be very, very, very musical! But why? We’ve got a lot of the best music for the summer for you, but that’s not all.

We assure you that Jacek Tomkowicz will surprise you … and amuse you more than once preparing his unusual, chart-topping hits! What is it about? In program “Jacek, give me 5!” takes care of the greatest hits and combines them into unusual combinations… 5 songs everyone knows, and nobody knows who sings them? 5 songs that first kissed RMF FM listeners and something more came out of it? Or maybe 5 songs associated with Polish politicians† These are going to be musical “Fridays” that are sure to stay in your memory for a long time to come!

And then we look at the songs that have a chance at the title The hit of the summer of 2022† On Saturday evening we will meet all the nominees. Who will win this year? Which piece suits you best for relaxing on the beach, at a picnic or when traveling? We’ll find out soon. The grand finale is at the end of the summer holidays!

Quiz Sunday

Sunday: 6:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Holiday Sundays at RMF FM will be filled with crazy competitions, surprising games and unusual quizzes† In short – lots of fun and even more rewards! From morning to night we invite you to quizzes together, because in the end – you have to play to win!

Holiday podcasts RMF FM. It will be a summer full of emotions!

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