Safe and independent journey. How to plan a trip and not be afraid of money and health?

Traveling on vacation hurts our budget more and more every year. Everything related to our travel is going up, which is why travel agents are raising the prices of travel. As we said some time ago in Interia, holiday prices are up about 30 percent. A trip abroad also costs us ten percent more. How can we save? Will be a good option travel on your own. But how do you do that while keeping your trip safe?

If we already know where we are going on vacation, it is worth thinking about the best means of transport. A large part of the tourists give up the car because of the fuel costs. In addition, it creates more stress and dangers that can arise on the roads. In such a situation we can choose a safer mode of transport. Rail and air traffic are least affected by traffic accidents. Only which one is safer?

airplanes despite the tragedy of plane crashes, they have few such crashes. Their added benefit is speed and convenience. instead of spending a few hours on the train (still with transfer), an hour / two by plane is enough!

Some believe that the era of cheap flights is slowly coming to an end† All because of inflation, the pandemic and the problematic geopolitical situation. In this case, is it not possible to buy a cheaper flight? A year ago it was possible to travel to many European countries for PLN 100-150 return. Currently we may not find such strong promotions, but there will still be tempting departure offers.

The first thing that can change a lot in fees plane ticketsit’s time to buy them. When we pay for the transport ourselves, we cannot count on “last minute” promotions. It is best to plan the purchase a few months in advance. For example tickets to Bulgaria in summer cost PLN 700-800 one way. In October, the two-way amount is a maximum of PLN 200. We can also plan a trip the other way. First, look for cheap flights anywhere in the world. After that, adjust the entire itinerary. We can find it by such a miracle a flight to Sardinia in July for PLN 220 return.

Consists many ways to book a hotel, hostel or apartment. After all, we want our stay to be safe. In such situations, it is good to use intermediate websites. One of the most popular solutions for finding housing on your own is: The portal provides a database of many accommodation places, not only in Poland. There is also an option to separate accommodation from the cheapest offers. In addition, the promotion for people who regularly use the application will be a big plus. The more reservations we make, the greater the discounts will be credited to our account.

Are such portals a safe option for traveling alone? Absolutely yes. If an unpleasant situation arises from the owner of the hostel/apartment, the broker will arrange everything. If the hotel suddenly moves into our accommodation, an intermediary will try to help. An attempt to extort money? All you have to do is contact the Customer Service Office. In any case, we can go to the broker. In addition, we have provide a fixed price for the nightaccording to what we pay through the platform.

It can help us in different situations public transport within our residence. We forget, but if we want to explore it, we have to get there by some kind of transport. Before going on vacation, we need to pay attention to a few important things. Let’s remember to:

  • Only use the services of reliable carriers. Let’s read the opinion of companies on the Internet and make sure that the means of communication are fully operational.
  • Compare the prices of carriers. Despite the same city, they can be very different from each other. By the way, some carriers may have restrictions on the carriage of luggage.
  • Do not take advantage of the offers of private carriers. Then we never know for sure whether the trip will be safe, cheap and effective.
  • Trust your transportation apps. These are applications like Bolt or Uber. Thanks to them we can be sure of the price of the trip and that we will get there.

Traveling alone can be a cheaper and more exciting adventure. However, we must not forget ours safety. It is therefore worthwhile to prepare a specific travel plan in advance. Even if we get something spontaneous, it’s good to have a printed list of addresses of points of interest and a map. The maps in the phones don’t always get us where we need to be.

We must also remember about hide your wallet, phone and other important things† It will work well for city walks kidney bag. It is small and you can easily hide it under a T-shirt. It will also be good to pack for it a small flashlight and a power bank. Evening returns can vary so it’s good to have a working phone and lights with you.

It’s also important ensure online security. Therefore try to avoid unsecured, open Wi-Fi networks. We should also pay attention to whether the pages we enter have HTTPS addresses at the beginning. A VPN and a password manager can be useful for securing our data on the network. They make it much harder for hackers to access our bank accounts or other private information. Networking tips aren’t just for vacation rentals!

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