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Operation Summer 2022 at the Motogen.pl editorial office is getting closer – and this means that we will be testing motorcycles intensively, visiting various motorcycle events, meeting you and making movies with you!

What is Operation Lato on Motogen.pl? What can you get out of it?

Operation Summer is primarily: motorcycles, you and us† Life and work tend to slow down during the holiday season, so we decided to accelerate this pace with motorcycles. In our project, we guarantee you a powerful delivery movies motorcycle, meetings with us and with other motorcyclists, as well as some interesting prizes in contest

In the plan of Operation Summer 5 brand weekswhere we focus on individual brands and their models. So you see in our order: Suzuki, Yamaha, BMW, Piaggio, Kawasaki (and then we go to the Motul Europe Tour). You will find a dozen passionate videos on YouTube and Facebook, a lot of material to read on the portal, a lot of photos and Instagram stories.

Same as last year, we are planning now too meet you – both in typical meeting places, but also on circuits, on test days, at a motorcycle festival and at Italian pizza! We want to ride with you, meet you, ask your opinion about motorcycles, organize motorcycle comparisons with you. If you have an interesting idea, write to us now!

There will also be contest with prizes! Soon we will announce a photo contest, in which you can win many interesting items – from batteries and oils to a Schuberth helmet!

How was a year ago?

Operation Summer is not new – a similar project took place not only a year ago, but also in previous years. Each time the idea aroused great interest among you – motorcyclists. In 2018 for the year we operated from the Tri-City; year 2019 is a project in Warsaw; in 2020 covid stopped us. Vacation 2021 in the current line-up they were a spectacular success, and now it gets even better!

To make you realize what Operation Summer is, we will quote the statistics from the overview of the holidays of the year 2021:

  • 19 motorcycles tested, plus 2 cars and a jet ski.
  • 24 movies and almost 1500 photos.
  • 1 circuit visited, 1 more swum, 1 interviewed and 1 unsolved sudoku.
  • Traveled almost 9,000 kilometers, that’s about half a ton of petrol.
  • Only one slightly burnt tire, no bumps and no flooding.
  • 5 meetings with you, attended by a total of nearly 130 people.
  • One match and 26 prizes for you.
  • 10,000 turned heads and countless impressions, smiles and motorcycle fun!

So how, are you joining us in a few days?

When, where and which brands under Operation Summer 2022 with Motogen.pl?

As part of Operation Summer 2022 we will be stationed in in Warsaw, although we will actually visit many different places in Poland. We will not only meet you at: The National Stadiumbut also on the Jastrząb circuit (Suzuki Allianz Moto Szkoła) and probably at other track events, as well as on the Yamaha MT Tour test days and at the BMW Heritage festival in Warsaw.

We start with the day July 4th† We have divided the summer promotion into brand weeks. So in a given week we only focus on motorcycles and products of a particular brand. There are five Marek. We would like to present the full range of every motorcycle manufacturer in Poland, but we would not have a calendar, so we have established an extensive collaboration with five brands, focusing on the most interesting models. We already guarantee that you will find something interesting for yourself! Remember these dates:

  • July 4-10 – Suzuki
  • July 11-17 – Yamaha
  • July 18-24 – BMW Motorrad
  • July 25-31 – Aprilia
  • August 1-7 – Kawasaki

We won’t reveal a specific one just yet motorcycle modelsbut we are now announcing that there will be some tourism, powerful Nakeds and something for the less advanced and more… Maybe we come to track day, maybe we come for training, maybe we visit the rally, and maybe we go with you for pizza and espresso?

Maybe we’ll shoot another episode of the “Used Motorcycle” series with you, or the “Once it was …” series? Maybe you just want to talk to us about motorcycles? Maybe you have an interesting model that you want to show off in front of the lenses? Expect information about joint meetings! It will be exciting and exciting!

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with all the interesting facts about motorcycles and meetings. And of course about the prizes to be won in the competition! We won’t reveal everything to you here, but we promise to deliver it to you tons of entertainment on the portal, on social media, in live reports and in YouTube videos!

Operation Summer 2022 Partners – It Matters!

To create compelling materials and promotions, we need you, motorcyclists, recipients, your opinion and your attention. Of course we also need support from partners – without the partners nothing would have happened. So also pay attention to companies that love motorcycles as much as we do! The partners of Operation Summer 2022 are:

We can’t forget motorcycle importers:
– BMW Motorrad,

Thank you to all these partners we can work intensively, create interesting and exciting materials for you, organize trips and meetings, prepare scenarios for shooting. These companies not only help us, but you too! We already know that prizes in competitions for you they will be truly remarkable.

Stay tuned and now add to viewed Fanpage on FB and Instagram profile, follow feeds, reports and stories!

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