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Find out how to cool an apartment without air conditioning. Here are 10 tips for lowering the temperature in your home in hot weather.

Heat waves are increasingly taking their toll. We’ve already written about how to protect yourself from heat with cool drinks, and what to watch out for to avoid heat stroke or heat exhaustion. Now we will look at ways to lower the temperature in the house and apartment, as well as ways that do not require air conditioning.

Close and cover the windows

The best way to lower the temperature in the apartment is to prevent heat from entering. So you should close the blinds or curtains and close the windows, especially those facing north or west.

Open windows and balcony at certain times

Try to keep windows and balcony doors closed during the hottest times of the day and open them during cooler times – morning and evening. You have to make sure that the air in the apartment moves, because then it is cooler than the still air. Therefore, try to open windows at two different ends of the apartment or house to create drafts. If possible, try to keep the windows open at night.

Use fans (and ice) wisely

As mentioned earlier, draft means a lower temperature. So let’s think about household fans that will move the air in the room. The cooling effect can be increased by placing a bowl of ice cubes in front of the fan. Such homemade air conditioning will certainly bring relief. Fans should not be stacked on top of each other. Better place it in an open window – this will push the warm air out and – especially at night – “suck” cool air.

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One way to keep cool at night: a hot water bottle!

It sounds absurd, but contrary to appearances, it makes sense. During the day, make a plastic bottle filled with hot water and place it in the freezer for a few hours before going to bed. When such a bottle freezes, it radiates cold like a hot water bottle gives off heat. Put the frozen bottle in bed before lying down or put it under your feet. This makes you feel pleasantly cool at night.

Cover the windows with foil

Special foils are glued to the glass, which reduce the amount of heat flowing through the windows. They have an additional advantage: in winter they keep warm air in, which reduces heating costs.

Don’t cook and bake too often

If it is hot, try not to use the stove and the stove too often: they increase the temperature in the room and make the apartment warmer. Try eating out more often, or prepare lunches that don’t require too much baking or cooking.

Open the door in the apartment

This is good advice, especially for owners of apartments that are not too airy and are not designed in an open style. The open door allows air to circulate, eliminating the heat islands inside.

Water bowls in different places

It may look strange, but it’s all about effectiveness: Place bowls filled with water around the house. Such a small step can really make a difference. Of course, you just need to remember where we put the bowls of water so as not to accidentally throw them away.

Replace bedding with cotton

Cotton is perfect for warm weather and the bedding made from it, thanks to its breathability, will make sleeping easier on hot summer days. Pure cotton fabrics help regulate the sleeping person’s temperature and humidity. Sleep under the cover itself, not under the duvet cover – a thinner cover prevents overheating at night.

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Portable Air Conditioner

If you have the money and feel that the previous methods are not enough, you can invest in a portable air conditioner. They can be easily moved so that they follow the owner. The downside is the higher electricity bill. Also keep in mind that they are also not as efficient as stationary air conditioning at home.

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