Foster care day – children waiting for new homes

Children’s Day and Foster Parenthood Day – a double celebration was organized by the County Family Support Center in Opole at the orphanage in Turawa. There are almost 120 foster homes in the Opole poviat, but that is not enough. There are also three orphanages here. All the children of these houses are still waiting for a family to live in. Looking at the empathy of the people of Opole for war refugees from Ukraine, it is difficult to understand why children wait so long – sometimes in vain.

– At the Feast of Foster Families, we want to draw the attention of society to the plight of lonely and rejected children – says Monika Kluf, spokeswoman for the poviat starosty in Opole. – We also want to honor the daily efforts of foster parents. Thanks to their involvement, it is possible to offer young people a peaceful childhood, education and above all love.

Children who are neglected, beaten, abused or inappropriately raised by their biological guardians have no chance of growing up in a safe environment. Their development is seriously threatened, causing them to learn poorly, have problems with peers and do not trust adults.

– Foster families are surrounded by a wide range of support from foster care coordinators, they can also benefit from the advice of specialists: from psychologists, through doctors and lawyers. The center also cares about foster family cooperation, mutual support, exchange of experiences, organizing integration events throughout the year, such as the Children’s Day and Foster Parenthood Day Festival, with the participation of children from three orphanages run by our poviat.

The Opole County Family Support Center is looking for families for them all over Poland. Often unsuccessfully, especially when it comes to the youngest children who should never go to an orphanage.

These children are not just orphans. These are mainly children who are neglected in their own families for various reasons. Sometimes children end up in foster care as a result of their parents’ alcohol or drug addiction. There are also carefree families due to mental illness or insufficient preparation to fulfill the role of parents.

To become a foster family, you naturally have to go through a training cycle. Not every family is suitable for this. The most important thing is that it guarantees good care and a good education of children. Ultimately, psychologists and educators determine whether a child can end up in a particular family.

Foster parents must prove a criminal record. Most people who sign up with PCPR meet all the requirements.

The procedure for qualifying a candidate for foster care is performed by the County Family Assistance Center in Opole, where the necessary documentation must be submitted. After a positive evaluation of the candidate, the Center sends him to a training program for foster families. This training is funded by PCPR. A child is placed in a foster family on the basis of a court order. The foster family is cared for by PCPR staff, including the family foster care coordinator. The coordinator’s task is to help and support foster families in the performance of their duties. Foster families also have the option to see a psychologist and educator. A foster family is entitled to monthly benefits related to the coverage of the child’s maintenance costs. Exercising the function of a foster family entails many responsibilities and difficulties. At the same time, it is a rewarding mission, because children often only learn what it means to be loved and cared for when they are in foster care. The County Family Support Center in Opole makes every effort to support candidates and foster families in their educational work, because nothing is more important than the happiness of the child.

Detailed information on foster families can be obtained at the Poviat Family Assistance Center headquarters in Opole, ul. Książąt Opolskich 27, 45-005 Opole and by calling 77 44 20 504.

– Foster care is, next to the adoptive family, one of the most optimal forms of compensatory care for a child without parental care – say PCPR employees. This position can be performed by a married couple or an unmarried person. It must be persons who guarantee proper foster care, who are not and have not been deprived of parental authority, and their parental responsibility is not limited or suspended, who fulfill the maintenance obligation – if such an obligation is imposed, they cannot have limited capacities for legal acts they must be able to properly care for the child, certificates of no health contraindications for the performance of the function of foster family are required, issued by a general practitioner, they must be persons residing in the territory of the Republic of Poland, which will provide adequate living conditions and housing so that the child can meet his individual needs, including: emotional, physical and social development, proper education and the development of interests, leisure and leisure organisation.

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