Cyberpunk 2077 testers lied to CD Projekt? The report sheds new light on the game’s premiere

So far, & aogon; for Cyberpunk 2077 on premier & eogon; weighs & lstrok;o si & eogon; Exclusive to CD Projekt, but the report published on the Internet sheds new light on the situation of & eogon; and refers to potential contributors. It concerns the outer & aogon; companies & eogon; QA (quality assurance & sacute; ci) that was ok & lstrok; ama & cacute; native band & lstrok ;.

Who & sacute; ci not & aogon; official of course. come & aogon; from the Upper Echelon Gamers YouTube channel, whose host has a & lstrok; allegedly from an informant Confidential 70+ Pages Report from Quantic Lab† This is the QA company that will commission CD Projekt & lstrok; ensuring the quality of Cyberpunk 2077, and that previously worked on Wied & zacute;minie 3. Spraw & eogon; describe & aogon; al & zdot; industry and mainstream media.

According to the informant Quantic Lab will mislead CD Projekt about the performance of the team delegated to work on Cyberpunk 2077† The Polish company has been informed that the sk & lstrok;ada & lstrok; si & eogon; of the veterans, but in fact it was powered by juniors who were a year, sometimes half a year old. years or less of professional experience testing high budget games. The makers of Cyberpunk 2077 reportedly did not know this and were convinced that & zdot;e gr & aogon; take & aogon; si & eogon; the same people who had to do with Wied ‘3.

Reportedly, the heads of Quantic Lab have introduced the & eogon; principle, so every tester has & cacute; 10 problems (also called bugs) per day, which in theory would increase & cacute; productivity & sacute; & cacute; and “clean & sacute; ci & cacute;” Cyberpunk 2077 with bugs, however led to a situation where CD Projekt was literally bombarded with thousands of reports of minor visual or performance errors.† The real problems of “tons” in the sea of ​​”significant” blisters, on which the developers wasted tens of hours of work.

Objects or walls that lightly penetrate others, a pavement with a slope. slight texture issues, slight audio pop in dialogue– provides examples from & lstrok; s author of & lstrok; u.

Finally, CD Projekt poinstruowa & lstrok; Quantic Lab stops shipping & cacute; Low priority reports, but as Upper Echelon Gamers says, by & lstrok;o ju & zdot; too late

That’s not all, because according to the report, QA will grow in the summer of 2020 & eogon; s & lstrok; a & eogon; from 30 to 60 employees. Sounds like positive growth, just a new half sk & lstrok; ada & lstrok; and si & eogon; of the whole “& sacute; towers & zdot; aków”, of which the greatest prince & eagons & aogon; several weeks of training† Quantic Lab must & lstrok; so & eogon;c writes & cacute; it’s time for training in the vortex of work on Cyberpunk 2077.

Isn’t it just CD Projekt’s fault?

The material also mentions & zdot ;, & in 2019 and 2020 Quantic Lab will hide from its partners the actual size of the teams assigned to game testing, which & aogon; ilo & sacute; ci & aogon; tasks.

In addition, under the gro & zacute; b & aogon; fines of 10 thousand. euro Quantic Lab employees could & cacute; do not disclose in which projects they & aogon; share & lstrok; and how to use & aogon; your & aogon; Prac & eogon ;. & aogon;d’s management threatens & lstrok; reportedly the employees have taken over the activity & lstrok;a & nacute; legally, if & zdot;e with & lstrok;ami & aogon; t & egon; regu & lstrok; & eogon ;. Everything was, of course, intended to hide unprofessional practices in the company.

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