Bożydar Ivanov: Rakow (almost) ready for a hot summer. Thanks in part to the movements performed in winter

We hear that Lech Poznań is making an effort to change the date of this confrontation. It’s hardly surprising. On Tuesday, July 5, “Kolejorz” will play the first match of the Champions League qualifier with Karabakh and it is known that it is a priority for him. Given the logistically difficult and time-consuming and energy-consuming journey to Azerbaijan early next week, Saturday’s fight with the Polish champion’s most uneasy rival is not the most pleasing vision. The more that Lech plays in Bułgarska Street. So it is not appropriate to don a second suit and hand over the Super Cup.

The inhabitants of Częstochowa are apparently in a more comfortable situation. They will be the only ones of our “exporters” to play for Europe from the second round, so the match in the capital Wielkopolska is an ideal solution for them before the start of the season. Worse still, in the battle for the cups they will have to make another trip later than the one from Pozna, as far as Kazakhstan for a rematch against Astana. The rival is not only comparable in quality to Karabakh, but also plays on an artificial surface. Of course, Rakow has the advantage that, unlike Lech, he will enter European competition after being defeated on the domestic fields. However, the loss in the Conference League qualifiers immediately puts an end to their international adventure. “Kolejorz”, in the case of not crossing the Azeris, is “pushed” to the qualifying path of the youngest in the cups. Hopes of the group stage will not “die” before mid-July.

Marek Papszun, together with his trusted assistant Goncalo Feio, who will soon start the UEFA Pro course, are not only thinking about football reinforcements, but also broadened the composition of their closest associates. The staff was joined by: Maciej Kowal, who was responsible for working with goalkeepers (recently Wisła Kraków, but previously including Legia Warszawa; instead of Jarosław Tkocz), assisted by Karol Kuczera (he had Tkocz’s work in the spring already seen, formerly of the Rakowa Academy) and Kacper Jędrychowski (former assistant to Artur Derbin in GKS Tychy and GKS Bełchatów). In excellent condition at the Bonifacio Spa & Sport Resort hotel in Kępa near Sochocin in Mazovia, the team is already using striker Fabian Piasecki (bought for €200,000 from Śląsk Wrocław) and a stratos Svarnas stopwatch borrowed for a year from AEK Athens. Daniel Szelągowski returned from a loan to Warta Poznań, who has the “trump card” of a youth player, but in Dawid Szulczek’s team he played only 5 games in the spring, including only two, which he started from the beginning and it is hard to say that he had gained a lot of experience. In the autumn, he will probably look for it at a different address than where Raków is located.

As reasonably run clubs make the most important transfers for Europe in the winter, this has also been the case with the residents of Częstochowa. Therefore, in the winter, Deian Sorescu, who played an important role in the spring, and Bogdan Racovitan were taken from Romania – his number of appearances was limited to three due to injury. Ukraine’s Vladislaw Koczergin moved – for obvious reasons – from Zorii Lugansk to Częstochowa already during the round, so he wasn’t ready to “sell” his huge potential to the team. Still, all three could soon become an important part of the team. Perhaps based on the observation of sparring with the winner of the 1st class, Chojniczanka (5:1), it is difficult to draw unequivocal conclusions, but each of the above players also came out in the top eleven in the first control match this summer, in Ostróda with Lechia Gdańsk (2:1). So these are “two attempts” from which one can read something.

In both sparring duels, Racovitan played on the half-right stopwatch with Zoran Arsenić and Milan Rundić, and this is what the three main defenders look like at the moment. Tomas Petrasek is at training camp, but only today he will return to training. Andrzej Niewulis is convalescing in Częstochowa. Svarnas is an “entry” player as a newbie, but you can already tell that his football skills and technique are of a high standard. He will play both half-right and half-left, so the coach is comfortable filling with him. There is also Fran Tudor in reserve, already proven in many roles, but his attacking prowess is so great that he might be a shame in the “rearguard”.

Sorescu – nominally a right-hand crank – played on the left against Chojniczanka, as Dominik Kun is known to be the only player without a full-fledged substitute. This will be an option, as the Romanian looks more confident than Fabio Sturgeon in both the offensive and defensive roles. If necessary, he can switch sides – and in his place you can always introduce Wiktor Długosz, who, however, feels much better when he attacks the opponent’s goal. He showed it yesterday with a great pass for Arsenic’s two lines, scoring a goal at 2:0.

Koczergin also struck yesterday, opening the game after Ivy Lopez played. His willingness to play is enormous, which can be seen in his movements, mobility and activity. He got the second chance from the first minute, although it is known that there is huge competition in the “dozens” positions. Lopez – you know, also Mateusz Wdowiak giving a big change (goal at 3:0) and Marcin Cebula waiting for full health. Lower, ie at positions 6-8, there is also nothing to complain about. Ben Lederman, Giannis Papanikolaou, Igor Sapała, “Vako” Gvilia. The helpline is secured.

And finally the attack. Fabian Piasecki had good statistics last season: 7 goals and 6 assists at Stal Mielec and Śląsk Wrocław. It’s a solid balance. The top scorer of the 1st league from the 19/20 season (17 goals), who even earlier in the matches that promoted Legnica Copper Ekstraklasa, worked perfectly as a side striker with Mateusz Piątkowski, “nine”, in Raków, another model of the game is considered exclusively as a typical “target man”. He has not struck in the two sparring matches so far. Yesterday it came down after 37 minutes. Vladislav Gutkovskis, who impressed with his effectiveness in the matches of the Latvian representation in the Nations League (promotion to Division C is within reach), confirmed that yesterday with two goals, including one from a penalty. It is known that with the ambitions of the Pope, who wants to expand the club, he will not despise any other striker. Provided it will be someone much better than the one he already has at his disposal. Thomas Pekhart? It fits perfectly into the tire profile. You don’t have to memorize far to recreate his goals in your head after swinging balls in Legia Warszawa. He wouldn’t have to learn the system. He is also known to want to prove something to the current selector of the Polish team, Czesław Michniewicz, who stopped using it at one point in Łazienkowska Street, giving him more confidence in Mahir Emreli. However, time is Raków’s problem. The Czech Republic can wait for more financially interesting proposals. He’s 33 years old, so it’s not surprising that he looks at aspects other than sports these days. Petroleum dollars are known to always flow in a wider flow than those that can be supplied by Częstochowa … In addition, today we have June 27. The transfer window is just opening. It is even more difficult for sports director Robert Graf to convince someone “important” to play in Raków today.

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