As a tribute to his late wife, he traveled nearly 6,000. kilometers by bike!

Mr Mieczysław Parczyński has cycled 5370 km in 94 days. He wrote the name of his beloved Jadzia on the map of Poland.

In elementary school, he was passionate about geography, and maps were his passion. In the third grade, he even became the map room manager. He was given the key and allowed to spend it. Even then, he dreamed of visiting Poland, although he did not think of traveling on a two-wheeler.

“Folders” to get started

Mr. Mieczysław Parczyński has traveled many times, although he has professionally retouched photos. The sedentary lifestyle was increasingly felt in the bones and muscles. It started with a routine medical check-up. It was then that he heard: “Buy a bike and move your legs a little,” Mieczysław said in an interview with Radio Gdańsk.

For his 50th birthday, his beloved wife bought him a “folding box”. He was then able to travel the route from Gdańsk to Żarnowiec and back.

In one of the interviews, the man admitted that his wife was not in favor of his cycling escapades. She was concerned about his road safety. However, she kept a close eye on the fact that traveling around the country gave her husband more and more pleasure. So she bought him another bike, this time with bigger wheels. The two-wheeler was allowed to travel thousands of kilometers. Mieczysław himself bought the third bike, the “Gazelle”.

“She went to work and I left. She came back and said: – You gypsies! You are so red! I know where you’ve been. And I: what are you asking for, as you know? – said Parczyński in the material. He could cover 150 or even more than 200 kilometers in a day.

Almost 6,000 km for a beloved woman

In 1984, Parczyński retired and two years later his beloved wife, Jadzia, died.

“Fate touched me with this widowhood, the children lived separately, I lived separately – I would be tormented, I would stay at home, and what? My stomach would only grow in front of the TV, I would go from the couch to the armchair A year after my wife left, I traveled through Poland, the journey lasted almost three months. When my wife died, I had the first circuit of the Earth “on the meter”, today I have more than five “- said Mieczysław in an interview with the “Rowertour” service in 2009.

At his wife’s funeral, he said he had come up with the idea to honor her in a special way. He promised that Jadzia would have a special monument – a bicycle rally in tribute to her.

On the map of Poland, the man wrote the name “Jadzia”, ​​​​planned the route, got on the two-wheeler and left according to the prepared plan. He was 65 at the time.

He covered 5,370 km in 94 days. The arranged parts of the journey were arranged in the name of the beloved woman. “I worked on the rally plan for three months, every letter had the right shape. It happened that I drove between forests, swamps and swamps, because there were no roads ”, said Mr Parczyński in an interview with

The route of the rally started in Koszalin and ended in Przemyśl. The journey was divided into 62 stages. The letter “d” alone was more than a thousand miles long.

“I don’t know if she saw it, but she was still on my mind,” he explained.

Mr Mieczysław added that the bicycle saved him from despondency. “I just got faster after my wife died. I loved her very much,” he recalls.

The happy life of an old man

On bike rides, Mr. Mieczysław took the most necessary things with him: underwear, spare clothes, shoes, a pan, a stove, a first aid kit, a set of cards, a notebook and a camera.

He had his favorite guidebook, where he marked with red dots where he had been, and with black dots he hadn’t visited yet. Also in his private collection was a guide to Marian shrines “From the past of Poland, you are the Queen”, commissioned by the authors.

“Mieczysław’s first bicycle”

The man traveled mainly through Poland. He documented his travels in detail. “I travel for half a year, I write an account for the next half,” he said. He described his impressions of travel in fourteen bundles of manuscripts weighing more than 70 kilograms in total.

Mr Mieczysław Parczyński was the laureate of the prestigious “Kolosy” prize, ie nationwide gatherings of travellers, sailors and mountaineers (2004 edition).

Marek Mazur, a photographer and friend of Mr. Mieczysław, remembered him as a man of unprecedented principles. “He studies at a kind of university that he founded himself. He doesn’t live a TV and couch life. He’s not complaining, he’s not complaining. Always energetic. It has its permanent rigor. He gets up at five o’clock every day. He exercises himself and then goes to morning mass. I keep telling him: you are like a saint. You should be framed,” he told the portal

Mr Mieczysław Parczyński was called Mieczysław the first bike† He passed away in 2019. He was 95 years old.


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