A new hobby for active people: ideas worth trying in the summer

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Summer is fast approaching. Together with him we start planning our trips more and more intensively. Some choose warm countries, others opt for less popular and quiet destinations. Undoubtedly, however, a well-planned trip will not only give us a sense of satisfaction, but also a large dose of relaxation. But first, let’s take a look at a list of ideas worth trying in the summer.

Vacation is a time when we mainly focus on relaxation. However, it is not worth spending all day by the hotel pool or all inclusive bar. Let’s focus on active recreation during this vacation. Any time is a good time to try new things, and vacations sometimes seem almost perfect.

The recipe for a successful holiday is above all a holiday, sunny weather and a natural environment. If you add a little exercise in the fresh air to this mix, we get an interesting and exciting vacation. In summer there are plenty of opportunities for active recreation. The main thing is that everyone can choose them – regardless of age and progress.

If we want to be active in a quiet way, we put on Stand Up Paddle or SUP. This is an interesting proposition for those who want to catch some rays of the sun, while appreciating the beautiful views without undue tension. On the Stand Up Paddle board we swim with a paddle, usually standing.

But how do you choose the perfect board? Decathlon is here to help you. The local team of enthusiasts created the Itiwit X100 pneumatic stand-up paddleboard, intended for beginners and users. This means that regardless of our progress, we can choose this form of relaxation.

The inflatable boards found in the Decathlon range are stable, but also solid, and thanks to the fact that they fit in the backpack from the set – easy to transport and comfortable to wear. In addition, when inflated, they are very large. Therefore, this kind of activity can be a great idea to spend time together on an unusual basis.

You wonder what wonders are hidden beneath the surface of the water, but the mere thought of diving into the depths gives you shivers? Therefore, snorkeling is an ideal proposal to spend free time. It is important that you do not have to go under water several tens of meters when choosing this form of activity. All you have to do is stand a few centimeters under water.

The depth to which we can dive is determined only by the length of the tube through which we can breathe. Plus, snorkeling is an extremely accessible adventure. Especially minimalists will like it. You don’t need an oxygen bottle pack to have an underwater adventure. The diver’s basic ABC is the Easybreath mask available from Decathlon – it has a tube so you don’t have to buy it separately. The fins also come in handy, but are not essential.

Very pleasant camping trips are also gaining in popularity. No wonder – on the one hand we return to the original contact with nature, while at the same time relaxing from the bustle of the city and recharging the internal batteries, on the other hand we save on renting exclusive apartments or hotels. However, let’s prepare well before we hit the road.

First of all, let’s find a suitable large, waterproof, rain and windproof tent. Decathlon comes to the rescue again. The offer includes tents for even the most demanding travelers. Let’s also stock up on the obligatory mats and sleeping bags. Without them, a night in a tent might not be possible.

In addition, this form of activity can be combined with other ideas that do not require any special experience. When choosing a tent, plan your free time hiking. Reaching the next peaks will not only be a great adventure with breathtaking views, but also a light workout that will have a positive effect on our health.

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