To resorts in Lower Silesia again in summer by bus and with a limited supply

PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe has already accustomed us to the summer closures of railway lines to attractive tourist towns in Lower Silesia. This year travelers will face difficulties getting from Kłodzko to Międzylesie and from Jelenia Góra to Szklarska Poręba. Exceptionally, we will be going to Kudowa all summer.

Koleje Dolnośląskie inquired about the repairs on line 275. – The section from Kłodzko to Bystrzyca Kłodzka, Międzylesie, Lichkova from Usti nad Orlici will be out of service from July 1 to the end of August – the carrier wrote. To get to the mentioned towns south of Kłodzko, it is necessary to use a replacement bus at the Kłodzko Miasto station. But there will be fewer buses than the trains that normally run between Kłodzko and Międzylesie and Lichkov. Instead of 10 there will be 8, and only 3 trains will reach Lichkov. The Lower Silesian Railways blame PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe for this.

KD: PLK does not pay for replacement communications. PLK: we pay

– Because PKP PLK has switched off the mentioned section during this period and thus does not cover the costs of the replacement transport, trips from Kłodzko to Lichkov will be carried out to a limited extent – we read in the message.

We asked PKP PLK for a response to this matter, who repeatedly insisted that they pay for the replacement buses. – Currently there are no plans to download the railway No. 276 from the register – wrote a representative of PLK.

Both in the case of lk 276 and lk 311 – in accordance with the agreements signed with carriers – compensation is planned for alternative transport – wrote Radosław Śledziński of the PKP PLK press service. KD believes this is not true.

– PKP PLK (as specified in Annex 5.3 of the Network Regulations for the 2021-2022 timetable) has not made railway line 276 on the Kłodzko – Międzylesie route available for rail transport during the period from 1 July to the end of August. Therefore, the capacity allocation requests have not been honored by PKP PLK. Therefore, bus transport on the Kłodzko – Międzylesie route is not reimbursed by the railway infrastructure manager. The reimbursement of the cost of performing a replacement transport is possible only in the event that trains appear in the timetables and PKP PLK at the time of work on this section refused to accept requests for passenger transport – wrote Andrzej Padniewski of the Koleje press service Dolnośląskie.

What work is performed on the line? – Replacement of rails and sleepers is planned in the section between Kłodzko and Międzylesie. The works will cover a total of more than 2 km of the Bystrzyca – Domaszków section. The new track will also be located at Bystrzyca Kłodzka Przedmieście station. The bridge at Bystrzyca and the viaduct in the Międzylesie region are also being renovated, a PLK spokesperson wrote.

Work on the line to Szklarska Poreba

From August 1, the route from Jelenia Góra to Szklarska Poręba will also be closed for a month. In the second holiday month from Jelenia Góra, replacement transport will be provided. Buses are taken to the train station in Jelenia Góra and take passengers to stations on the route as far as Szklarska Poręba Górna. To improve alternative transport, some buses go directly to the terminus of railway line 311 and vice versa: from Szklarska Poręba Górna directly to Jelenia Góra train station.”

– In the Jelenia Góra – Szklarska Poręba Górna section, the renovation of the retaining wall of the railway viaduct in Szklarska Poręba is planned, as well as the on-site replacement of rails for a section of approx. 6 km and adaptation of the track with a non-contact section at approx. 1 km from the Jelenia Góra Sobieszów – Piechowice section. In the next 2 km section, new sleepers with ballast will be installed. The works are scheduled from August 1 – wrote Śledziński.

Work on these sections is already urgently needed because of the speed limits that have been introduced, which reduce the capacity of the line.

Why is the work taking place in the summer season? Summer favors renovations

Why does PLK carry out works during the summer periods, when the Piedmontese villages are really under siege? – The execution of works on another date is impossible due to the weather conditions in the late autumn and winter periods – the spokesman wrote. As a consolation, we make a trip without alternative transport to Kudowa, Polanica and Duszniki from Kłodzko. The lack of replacement communication in the summer on this line is a phenomenon.

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