In Sopot it is impossible to be bored in summer. There are day camps, performances and … bread baking workshops

This year’s holiday is unusual, because in Sopot we receive many children and young people from abroad. That is why the city has also prepared a summer recreation offer for our new residents – says Magdalena Czarzyńska-Jachim, vice president of Sopot. And so, from June 27, young Sopot, Ukrainians and Belarusians who spend their summer in the city can take advantage of various activities.

They can take advantage of day camps or offers prepared by educational institutions, municipal institutions and other organizers. There are also activities financed from the city budget, especially aimed at children and young people from Ukraine, combined with learning Polish.

– We want these children to be able to rest, play, at least forget a little bit of what they’ve been through. We also have a sports offer, such as Holidays under the Sail. Cruises on Gdańsk Bay, to which we also invite children from Ukraine, will start on July 4 – Vice President Magdalena Czarzyńska-Jachim encourages.


In the first two weeks of the summer holidays, summer camps No.1, No.7, No.8, No.9 are organized, while in the Special School Complex No.2022 to August 26, 2022). Children who are students of this school can use the day camp in a certain school. The lessons are free.

Workshops are planned, where participants will learn the art of seamen’s knotting, daily sports activities and outdoor recreation, cinema screenings, bread baking workshops, cottage cheese making and school bus trips for short trips. Detailed information is available at the individual schools.


As every year, MDK in Sopot offers children and young people many attractive holiday activities. The offer is aimed at children from the age of 5 and school-age youth. The regular participants of the MDK have priority to participate in the summer classes, but if there are vacancies, everyone who declares in advance that they are willing to take up the offer will be invited.

The offer includes: outdoor games and activities, art lessons for children, painting and drawing, music lessons – playing instruments, guitar, playing with theater and singing, singing lessons, theatre, dance, gymnastics, karate, chess and bridge lessons . Participation in the lesson is free.


The museum invites you to workshops with family holidays, which can also be attended by people from abroad. The offer is free, no registration, no age restrictions.

Summer at the Museum of Sopot is a series of family and art workshops “We are on vacation”. Dates: Sundays from July 3 to August 14 at noon, in the garden of the Museum of Sopot. For whole families, children (no age limit) come with their parents, siblings or grandparents.


Offers events throughout the holiday. No knowledge of the Polish language is required for most events. During the workshop, an employee who speaks Russian will be present on board the Pirate Ship. If a large group of foreigners registers for a lesson, it is also possible that a Ukrainian interpreter is present.


From 8 July to 14 August, the Vierde Stadsschouwburg provides performances for children on the terrace. Ticket offer, open to everyone. For example, for foreign children, the best performance “Basket” (a performance without language barrier, eg pantomime) will be the best.


Free cruises on Gdańsk Bay for children and young people on the S / Y ALF yacht, dates: from July 4 to the end of summer holidays; Monday Friday, 9.00-14.00; for children and adolescents aged 10-18 years. Up to 10 people can sail at the same time. In the case of organized groups, nine children with a guardian.

The Sopockie Buurthuizen have also prepared a rich offer. Free roller skating and many other attractions will take place in Ergo Arena.

Edyta Stracewska / aKa

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