A western town, in other words a trip to the Wild West with a toddler. Price lists, opening times, travel

On weekends, parents can spend most of their time with their children, and interesting theme parks are open to visitors. For a unique experience, visit a western town and take your little one on a trip to the Wild West. We have collected the most important information for you (price lists, opening times, directions) about some such facilities.


Who among us didn’t dream of moving even a little bit to the Wild West as a kid? Boys were drawn to cowboys firing beautiful revolvers at masked horse thieves or Native Americans kidnapping innocent American women, the girls may have been drawn to the story of Pocahontas, whose fate was changed by an encounter with a handsome Englishman, John Smith.

Today, children and adults can make this dream come true. There are no fewer than three theme parks in Poland where you can immerse yourself in the world of the Wild West. There will be cowboys, shootings, games and activities.

Western cities are a great idea for a family trip: everyone, regardless of age, can have fun in these unusual places.

We present a guide to three Polish western cities.

Silverado City is a theme park where you imagine yourself in the Wild West. Located at ul. Cerekwicka 8 in the village of Bożjewiczki near Żnin attracts children and adults from all over the country.

Directions to Silverado City

  • From Warsaw – 350 kilometers,
  • From Gdansk – 269 kilometers,
  • From Olsztyn – 272 kilometers,
  • From Bydgoszcz – 49 kilometers,
  • From Krakow – 543 kilometers,
  • From Wroclaw – 267 kilometers.
  • Mini zoo – Animal lovers will find a springboard to the adrenaline-filled Wild West life in the mini zoo. They include cute alpacas, rabbits and ponies. During feeding time, you can treat them to treats prepared by the park staff.
  • fortress of the civil war – the youngest learn to throw a lasso, hat or horseshoe here, while the slightly older ones can have fun with archery and knife throwing. Also, a funny movie is played every day, which will put both young and old guests in a good mood.
  • Horse riding – a cowboy without a horse? It can’t work… The owners of the park, who let guests ride horses, seem to start from this assumption. Through this, visitors learn the basics of horseback riding and befriend the animal, and as you know, becoming a real cowboy is just one step.
  • tourist row – there is a queue for the mysterious mine in the facility at certain times. It’s certainly not an ordinary mode of transport – amazing events happen as you drive. It is only known that the sheriff wants to catch the wanted villains, the conductor checks the tickets and… well, what now? This remains a mystery in the Wild West.

These are not all the attractions of the Silverado City park – daredevils can try a rodeo, and themed buildings and places (mine, sheriff’s office, carriage house, Native American village, bank or barn) encourage fun and discover the magic of this place.

See how life goes on in the Polish Wild West:

Price list

  • Normal ticket – PLN 39
  • Concession ticket – PLN 33
  • Family ticket (2 + 2/2 + 3) – PLN 130 / PLN 157
  • Children up to 3 years – free
  • Every child on his birthday – for free
  • Cowboys (people with outfits like: a cowboy hat, belt buckle, cowboy boots) – free

Additional fees may be charged for some attractions. In the park you pay in “dollars”, and a “dollar” is 5 zloty.

Let the baby take his treasures

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Depending on the season, the park is open to visitors at different times. Guests can move to the Wild West on weekendsand for organized groups it is possible to open Silverado City on weekdays.

  • March-June – from 10:20.
  • Sept – from 10:20 am.
  • October (only on Sundays) – from 11:30.

If you feel like eating a horse with hooves while having fun, we will answer right away: you do not have to go to such methods. There are two restaurants on site. In one of them you can listen to live music and taste Polish cuisine, while in the other one is perfect for car enthusiasts.

Western City is a theme park in the village of Ściegny next to Karpacz.

Directions to Western City

  • From Warsaw – 473 kilometers,
  • From Gdansk – 567 kilometers,
  • From Olsztyn – 618 kilometers,
  • From Bydgoszcz – 395 kilometers,
  • From Krakow – 374 kilometers,
  • From Wroclaw – 120 kilometers.
  • Educational path – there the youngest learn about the history, culture and rich nature of the Wild West.
  • Mini zoo – in the western pen, visitors will find many interesting animals: horses, ponies, goats, sheep, cows, fallow deer and … bison!
  • Gold City – In this gold mining center the instructor will share interesting facts about this precious metal. The “gold” found in Gold City can be taken home as a souvenir.
  • Horse riding – as in the previous park, Western City guests can also ride horses. The Western Academy is active there, where riding courses and holiday horse camps for children and teenagers are organized.
  • Indian Dance Shows – every day at 1:00 PM Western City is occupied by dancers presenting Indian dances and traditional costumes. You don’t have to be a passive spectator – Chief Joe Dwa Sowy invites all viewers to have fun together!

Visitors can try a rodeo, sail on Indian boats, learn archery or take a ride on a special train.

Price list

  • Normal ticket – PLN 31
  • Concession ticket – PLN 27
  • Rodeo Show – PLN 45
  • One Hour Horseback Riding – PLN 120
  • One hour of horseback riding (training with Jerzy Room) – 200 PLN

The park is open to visitors every day from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

The Western City has a restaurant that serves a variety of lunch menus and snacks. Apparently guests love the waffles there.

Mega Park is a place where you not only meet cowboys, but also dinosaurs and characters from your favorite fairy tales. The entertainment center is located in Grudziądz at ul. South.

Access to the Mega Park

  • From Warsaw – 311 kilometers,
  • From Gdansk – 119 kilometers,
  • From Olsztyn – 144 kilometers,
  • From Bydgoszcz – 75 kilometers,
  • From Krakow – 491 kilometers,
  • From Wroclaw – 450 kilometers.
  • western city – a zone where children and adults can find interesting attractions. Horse riding shows, funny scenes and performances are organized there – all surrounded by characteristic buildings straight from the Wild West.
  • Zoo – animals also live in this interesting park. Visitors can meet Winnie the pony, goats, camels, pheasants, alpacas, kangaroos and ostriches. Also, the area was enriched with safaris with images of wild animals.
  • Jurassic Park – this part of the park is dedicated to the former inhabitants of our planet – dinosaurs. While walking along the unique path you will see realistic sculptures (also huge insects!).
  • Theme park – an amusement park is a paradise for children – colorful trampolines and slides, games and activities are something that will interest every child and will make sure that a lot of energy is released.
  • Land of Fairy Tales – a place where children learn what a chicken leg hut and dwarf houses looked like, and get to know the characters from the cartoon “The Flintstones”.

Price list

  • Normal ticket (Monday-Friday / Weekend) – PLN 39/69
  • Concession ticket (Monday-Friday / Weekend) – PLN 35/65
  • Children up to 3 years – free
  • Family ticket 2 + 2 (weekend) – 240 PLN
  • Family ticket 2 + 3 (weekend) – PLN 280

Opening hours vary depending on the selected month and days. Details – click.

Near the park there is a restaurant “Rancho”, where guests can satisfy their hunger with Polish and Italian dishes.

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