The Sejm rejected the draft civil abortion law

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PiS on the civil draft of the abortion law.
/ The Sejm of the Republic of Poland

The result was probably obvious – that’s how the head of the PiS club, Ryszard Terlecki, judged the rejection of the civil project to liberalize the provisions on abortion. According to Urszula Rusecka, the vice president of PiS, the project was “an exceptional hit”.

The civil bill on safe termination of pregnancy was rejected in first reading during a vote in the Sejm on Thursday. the right to abortion up to the 12th week of pregnancy.

265 MPs voted to reject the civil law proposal in first reading: 225 from PiS, 19 from the Polish coalition, 10 from the Confederation, four from the Agreement, two from Poland 2050 (Wojciech Maksymowicz and Paweł Zalewski), two from Kukiz’15 ( Jarosław Sachajko, Stanisław Żuk), one of the KO (Joanna Fabisiak), one of the Polish business circle (Zbigniew Girzyński) and a non-attached Member of Parliament (Łukasz Mejza).

Voting booth J. Fabisiak: voters always draw the best consequences

The vast majority of Civic Coalition members opposed the bill’s rejection. Only Joanna Fabisiak voted in favour, and two other conservatives, Paweł Kowal and Paweł Poncyljusz, did not participate in the vote.

The head of the KO club, Borys Budka, who was asked by PAP about Joanna Fabisiak’s attitude, said the MP warned him she would vote against the committee’s “legal abortion without compromise” proposal. “Mrs. Fabisiak has always had a clear position on this issue, she always consistently votes in the same way,” Budka emphasized.

He added that there was never any discipline in the Civic Coalition on ideology. “However, I am pleased that the club voted almost unanimously, this also shows that we are credible in these matters. PiS broke the abortion compromise. We are on the side of Polish women, the right to choose, the right to to decide their future, Ms. Fabisiak made such a decision, no other, the head of the KO club emphasized.

He assured that the deputy would not suffer any consequences from the club. “There was no discipline and the voters always have the best consequences,” added Budka.

Author: Marta Rawicz

175 MPs voted against the rejection of the bill: 120 from the KO, 44 from the left, six from Poland in 2050, three from the PPS circle, a MP from Kukiz’15 (Paweł Kukiz) and the MP from the PiS club Monika Pawlowska. Terlecki, when asked about the vote of MP Pawłowska, who voted differently from the entire club, replied that “there was no voting discipline”.

Four MPs abstained: Władysław Teofil Bartoszewski from the Polish coalition, Iwona Michałek from the agreement and non-attached MPs: Paweł Szramka and Zbigniew Ajchler.

16 deputies did not participate in the vote.

“The result was probably clear. We rejected this project. It will not be processed further and the small quarrels the supporters tried to provoke also ended in failure” – Terlecki told journalists after the vote.

Rusecka added that community projects will generally be submitted for further work. “However, this project was not suitable for further work as it was simply unconstitutional,” she ruled.

The deputy of PiS emphasized that she would not want 13-year-olds to be able to perform abortions without their parents’ permission. Commenting that this could have been removed from the bill in the course of further legislative work, she replied that “this bill was a citizen project and it was a unique scam.”

Citizens’ draft bill on safe termination of pregnancy and other reproductive rights was presented to Seym by the committee of the Legislative Initiative “Legal Abortion Without Compromise”. Among other things, he accepted the right to terminate the pregnancy until the 12th week and beyond – when the pregnancy poses a threat to a woman’s life or physical or mental health, when the results of prenatal diagnosis or other medical indications indicate that there are developmental or genetic abnormalities of the fetus, and when the pregnancy is the result of a prohibited act that is the subject of a declaration by a pregnant person. More than 201,000 people signed the project. people.

Under the draft, termination of pregnancy would be reimbursed by the National Health Fund. The decision to terminate the pregnancy can be made by a person over the age of 13. In the case of a minor under the age of 13 who expresses his will to terminate the pregnancy, the consent of the legal guardian is also required or, if the guardian does not express this, the consent of the guardianship judge. In addition, the project guaranteed the right to information, education and guidance, enabling the full realization of the right to conscious parenthood. It abolished the criminal record of doctors and abortion assistants and introduced additional rules regarding the conscience clause to eliminate the phenomenon of abuse of the clause at the expense of patients’ rights.

Representatives of the “Legal Abortion” Commission: The coalition that hates women today has 265 MPs

The disappointment with the Sejm’s decision on Thursday was not hidden after the vote of the representative of the legislative initiative committee “Legal abortion without compromise”. “265 members of the broad coalition that hates women voted against the submission of this bill for further proceedings. Of course, the attitude of PiS and the Confederation does not surprise us. We are surprised that Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz has joined this coalition. He Paweł Kowal and many other MPs decided that they would willingly side with those who sent anti-terrorists to us, gassed us, beat us on the street “- said Marta Lempart, the leader of the Polish National Women’s Strike, who presented the project during Wednesday’s debate in the Sejm.

According to her, in the case of PSL, polls may have been the deciding factor. “Maybe it’s a matter of this party being below the threshold and maybe this is their last chance – joining the coalition with PiS. So this is today’s discovery – that the coalition of Law and Justice counts 265 sabers in the Polish parliament 19 PSL deputies and those deputies who did not even have the courage to vote + no + just took out their cards and pretended not to be there “- ironized Lempart.

She also noted that, according to recent polls, more than 60 percent. people in Poland support the legalization of abortion. “Abortion will be legal in Poland and we all know” – noted the OSK leader.

Natalia Broniarczyk recalled that women perform abortions in Poland anyway – she herself belongs to the organizations that help access such procedures. “+ Abortion without borders + back to work, continues to help with abortions. You can call the telephone number: 22 29 22 597 seven days a week, we help, we pay for the procedure. We help partners, wives , daughters, lovers, sisters of PiS MPs, Confederation MPs We will not ask for the reason, we will not ask for opinions “- assured the activist.

She also expressed the belief that the proponents of abortion would one day triumph in the Seym. “One day we will leave here triumphant, and today we will just go back to the abortion work” – noted Broniarczyk.

Katarzyna Kotula, deputy of the Left, argued that the citizen project was not radical. “This is a project that restores the dignity and sense of security of women in Poland, which they have not had for more than 30 years. This is a project that is a European standard, a project that stands for facts and science” – emphasized Kotula member of the committee “Legal abortion without compromise”.

After the press conference, the deputy demanded that a meeting of the Committee on Rules, Deputies and Immunity be convened to clarify the issue of the unpleasantness faced by her committee colleagues in the Sejm Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. “I demand an explanation: from the chief of the Marshal’s Guard and from Agnieszka Kaczmarska, the head of the Chancellery of the Sejm, who has personally authorized 10 people to enter the gallery (the meeting room), who yesterday would be observers and during today’s vote. Today those who received written permission could not enter the gallery “- said Kotula.

Moreover, as Lempart reported, the committee’s activists had a problem getting to the Sejm on Wednesday at all. “The first reading of the bill was supposed to be at 8 p.m., the Chancellery of the Sejm called us, the representatives of the applicants, so that we could reach the Sejm very quickly, but the Pass Office lied that it knew nothing about it and people could do not let in. One of the reasons this lecture took place so late was that they were trying to deceive us, that is, lure me and Natalia Broniarczyk to the Seym and leave everyone else behind “- said the OSK leader.

Then – as she added – there was a two-hour “fight” between activists from the “legal abortion” committee, the Marshalsguard and the Sejm Chancellery. In the end, the activists were allowed in, but – according to Kotula – they were locked in the wardrobe of the ‘S’ building just before the debate. The deputy showed PAP a photo showing a group of women in a room behind a metal grille.

The debate in the Sejm on the citizen project started just before 23. After 7 p.m. Left and KO were informed that the first reading was accelerated (originally scheduled for 9:45 p.m.) and already around 8 p.m. After closing. However, on February 20, a split was announced in the Sejm, after which the objection was voted on, which Confederation MP Grzegorz Braun reported to the workings of the government’s draft compensation for high coal prices. The objection was rejected and the MPs started working on the bill. The first reading of the abortion civil bill only started after this agenda item was completed.

Author: Marta Rawicz


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