Mazovia is explained by 14 pairs of trains on the Zegrze-Przasnysz railway. The purchase of the property was estimated at more than PLN 300 million

The construction of a new railway line between Zegrze and Przasnysz is getting closer. End of April this year. it was announced that the project of the Legionowo poviat was qualified for implementation in 2028. The self-government of Mazowieckie Voivodeship will allocate more than 24.5 million PLN for the construction of a new railway line. The authorities of the voivodeship have also stated that 14 pairs of trains will be launched on the Zegrze-Przasnysz line for a period of 5 years from the completion of the investment. The estimated cost of the design and technical study, along with the purchase of the property, the estimated value of which was more than PLN 306 million, was also stated.

The Zegrze – Przasnysz railway, as an implementation of the “Northern Mazovia Railway”, is a project managed by local government officials of the Municipality of Serock. The idea behind the project is to build a completely new railway line connecting Serock, Pułtusk, Maków Mazowiecki, Przasnysz and smaller municipalities that know their route. The Mayor of the City and Municipality of Serock, Artur Borkowski, gathered the support of all the local authorities and together they created a project that was discussed with the residents the previous year. The local authorities participating in the project as partners are the municipalities: Pokrzywnica, Winnica, Karniewo, Szelków, Płoniawy Bramura, Krasne, Przasnysz, Wieliszew, Nieporęt, cities: Maków Mazowiecki, Pułtusk Przasnysz, poviatsüłtuski. One of the partners is also the self-government of Mazowieckie Voivodeship.

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