Katowice completes thermal modernization project of more than 40 buildings for PLN 127 million

The implementation of the long-term task for the integral thermal modernization of more than 40 public buildings is coming to an end. The final thermo-modernization works in the building of VIII Secondary School in Katowice are being carried out, in High School No. 10 the contractor is making corrections before the building is delivered, and only one facility will be queued for renovation in the framework of this project. The project worth PLN 127 million improved not only the aesthetics of the facade but also the energy efficiency of the renovated buildings.

– In recent years, Katowice has stepped up its efforts to fight for clean air. In 2015-2021, the municipal program co-financed the replacement of more than 6,000 heat sources at a cost of more than PLN 53 million. We fight smog on many fronts. In addition to replacing boilers, we also invest millions of zlotys in public transportation, municipal security carries out inspections of furnaces, we also carry out thermal modernization of municipal facilities, an example of this is the comprehensive thermal modernization project of more than 40 such buildings for a total amount of more than PLN 127 million – says Marcin Krupa, mayor of Katowice.

Renovated elevation of the VIII Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Maria Skłodowskiej-Curie at 3 Maja Street in Katowice catches the eye and arouses interest. It is due to the modernization of the facility, which is now coming to an end, which includes restoration of the plaster surface and renovation of architectural details. The renovation also included the tower along with the replacement of the roof tiles and the renovation of the galvanized roofing and replacement of the surface in the courtyard, as well as placing minor architectural elements there.

Katowice for the European Green Deal

While the works performed significantly improve the aesthetics of the facility, the investment also brings other measurable benefits. The extensive thermal modernization of LO VIII will improve the energy efficiency of the building and reduce heat losses. This will allow you to obtain thermal comfort while providing less energy, which in turn will lead to lower heating costs. Here, too, the ecological effect is extremely important. Extensive thermal modernization means reducing PM10 particulate matter emissions and the building’s carbon footprint, which is in line with the principles of the European Green Deal – striving for climate neutrality and combating smog. In order to achieve these benefits, various types of work must be carried out on the buildings.

– This includes replacement and automation of the operation of heat sources, replacement of window and door joinery, installation of solar collectors and even modernization of exterior and interior lighting. Thanks to these activities, buildings are not only more economical to use and more ecological – they also gain in aesthetics – says Jarosław Łuczyński, deputy director for cubature investments at Katowickie Inwestycje SA

42 buildings for more than PLN 127 million

The estimated cost of the thermomodernization of the VIII Secondary School at 3 Maja Street is approximately PLN 10 million. It is not the only object undergoing a metamorphosis. The building in which the 10th LO is housed is also being renovated. Major works have already been completed there and corrections are currently being made before the building is delivered by the contractor.

In total, more than 40 schools, kindergartens and other facilities that are important from the perspective of residents have undergone or will undergo a metamorphosis as part of the “Comprehensive thermal modernization of public buildings in the city of Katowice” project. This contains Municipal Kindergarten No. 89 at ul. Zadole, Katowice Center for Vocational Education at ul. Techników, nursing home “Zacisze” in ul. Tractor drivers or the buildings of the Municipal OCMW.

Most of the works carried out under the above-mentioned project have already been completed – 37 buildings have been thermally modernized and 4 are under construction (apart from the abovementioned secondary schools VIII and X, there are also secondary schools No. 5 in Jankego Street and the School and Kindergarten Complex No. 2) at ul. Sobańskiego), which will end in June or July. The list is closed by the modernization of primary school No. 65 on Kukułek Street. Currently, the work of the tender committee on this object is underway – regarding the selection of the contractor. It will have 9 months to complete the construction works.

The total value of the task – which may change due to work still in progress – is more than PLN 127 million. For this purpose, the city received nearly PLN 60 million from EU funds as part of the Śląskie Voivodeship Regional Operational Program.

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