Is “who doesn’t smear, this …” in the summer? Mosquito Repelling Gadgets Review

To protect ourselves from insects, we usually smear the skin or spray our clothes with repellents. We can also use technology. Let’s see what devices can help us repel mosquitoes.

The simplest “analog” scarers

In cities, sprays are applied to the most damaging insects, namely mosquitoes and black flies. We are dealing with “personal” protection ourselves. In addition to sprays and lubricants, there are also sticky notes, signs, patches, stickers, tires, coils of smoke, candles and many other accessories. There is also a lot of choice in terms of hardware – both for indoor and outdoor protection.

Smartphone Scarers

We always have the phone with us, so it seems the most natural equipment to repel mosquitoes. Unfortunately – so far – there isn’t much going on in this matter.

Several years ago I heard about a South Korean mobile operator that plans to introduce a mosquito repellent service. After pressing a button on the phone, the previously downloaded sound was supposed to pretend to be a mosquito male (which doesn’t bite humans) and deter biting females. Much was written about it at the time – especially in the context of the spread of malaria by insects. However, I don’t know if the service has actually been implemented.

When it comes to the phones themselves, LG launched about five years ago K7i Mosquito Away. It is a smartphone with an additional overlay on the battery cover repels mosquitoes with ultrasound at frequencies above 30 kHz. Unfortunately I don’t know anyone who would use this (obsolete) model, let alone the cover, so it’s hard to write anything about its effectiveness.

It is also worth mentioning the uses related to mosquitoes. Currently, there are some churning bug games on the Google Store and a few sound apps that claim to repel them. However, the reviews and comments do not confirm their effectiveness.

Lamps for mosquitoes

Browsing the sales websites, you get the impression that lamps are most commonly manufactured among the hardware neutralizers of mosquitoes. Probably because they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, they do not emit an odor that can be disturbing and at the same time provide extra light and are relatively safe. They would be the most effective method of dealing with these insects – especially in the version with UV rays. The LED variants are cheaper but less effective. Most available lamps have built-in so-called smart traps, ie air suction for trapped insects. Some also have electric pads or floats. If the problem is bigger, and it is not just about mosquitoes, three LED lamp can be used wave types with light indicators: green ultrasonic (they scare not only insects, but also rodents), red electromagnetic (they attack pests) and orange ion (after all, they purify the air).

Hits and Xiaomi against mosquitoes

My hit, discovered during the search, is the LED lamp with an insect extractor and an air purifier and ionizer in one device. A brand unknown to me. In general, there are quite a few different brands behind the insect repellent equipment. Of the more widely known ones, I have certainly met most of Xiaomi’s offerings: UV, LED and ultrasonic lamps, electric legs and floats, usb traps and missiles, and bluetooth smart repellers.

Other Mosquito Repellents Available

In rooms, electrical devices with a repelling liquid, ie electrofumigators, are by far the most commonly used. Commonly known as “sockets”. There are also models that fit the cigarette lighter socket in the car.

However, there is something else that deserves attention. It is Thermacell, a device with d-allethrin, which – according to the manufacturer – is made for the needs of the US military and will protect us from mosquitoes in an area of ​​20 m2 within a dozen minutes of switching on .

“Personal” Scarers

Among the devices that protect only those who use them, it is worth mentioning Tickless, a battery-operated keychain with ultrasound. You may also encounter a personal sonic repeller in a similar form. In addition, USB clips, straps and watches are popular. A lot of extra equipment, and in fact all smartwatches should have such a function as standard, such as a flashlight.

What about mosquitoes then?

The effect of smearing and spraying can be enhanced or supplemented with many gadgets. However, before buying a device with ultrasound, for example, it is worth playing them on YouTube. Sitting still is impossible, so it can actually deter mosquitoes.

If that doesn’t work, try using natural repellents. No one guarantees, but apparently mosquitoes are affected by the smell our skin gives off after taking a large dose of vitamin B1, spreading roasted coffee, growing basil, tansy, fennel or lavender, drizzling with vanilla oil or lemon juice. And it is best to drink a lot of whiskey. Its smell can deter mosquitoes, and the drinker thinks so.

Not only mosquitoes, but also other insects that make life difficult for us – especially in summer – you can always try to calm it down somehow. And if nothing really helps and the mosquitoes do sting us anyway, I recommend using another device for the blisters: giving off heat and (presumably) reducing pain. And try not to scratch. Until next time …

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