A new showroom for windows and doors in Rzeszów! Meet Project Home

Author: Projekt Home Rzeszów
Project Home Rzeszów: Your window and door showroom

A new showroom for windows and doors in Rzeszów, at ul. Lwowska 79A. Project Home is a place of inspiration, located on one of the city’s main arteries and designed so that everyone can see, touch and test the doors and windows they choose. There is a huge exhibition space, full of inspiration, waiting for customers on site.

Home Rzeszów project – doors, windows, windowsills, gates, fences, shutters

A new door and window showroom with huge exhibition space has been opened in Rzeszów. In Projekt Home you can personally see, touch and test doors and windows from top manufacturers, specially selected for you.

It’s a space full of inspiration! Come see for yourself. The store is located on one of the main streets of Rzeszów (Lwowska 79A), and there is a large parking lot for customers.

House project – windows and doors in Rzeszów

A specially designed exhibition space – this is what distinguishes Projekt Home. It was created on the basis of years of experience and – most importantly – with you, the customer in mind. It is a way of showing the best solutions in conditions similar to those of the “home”, the latter. This allows you to not only see, but also touch and test the doors of renowned manufacturers – including: Porta, DRE, Asilo, OTIF, Jagras, Intenso-Doors, KR Center, Voster, Pol-Skone

In line with the latest trends, the greatest attention is drawn to the timeless white lacquered doors, which can be distinguished by their geometric arrangement, smooth doors, doors with a top extension, on concealed hinges and reversible doors. They are installed in the showroom in different versions – inform representatives of Projekt Home.

Project Home Rzeszów: Your window and door showroom
Author: Projekt Home Rzeszów
Project Home Rzeszów: Your window and door showroom

Geometric cutters that “cut through” the door are one of this season’s trends. They make a simple door leaf very modern. Reversible door (open in both directions) or this with hidden hingesare other solutions that attract attention. In the past they were associated with commercial spaces or high-end apartments, and today they are available to all of us and make an extraordinary impression.

Those who prefer simple solutions can choose: classic doors (with or without glass)† In the exhibition space of the Projekt Home showroom you can see, touch and test different patterns and colors from the entire available RAL palette, so an almost unlimited number of colors! This season they are the most fashionable matte black door† Customers who choose not to use a uniform color can choose a veneer or veneer that creates an unusual texture – imitating wood or other materials. You don’t have to imagine it, because examples of such and other solutions can be found in the salon at ul. Lwowska 79A in Rzeszow.

Modern windows and doors. Give yourself more!

The Home project is distinguished not only by the huge exhibition space, but also by the selection of solutions and products that will satisfy everyone. For lovers of loft, modern, industrial interiors – steel doors, both traditionally opened and on pivot hinges – swing doors, mounted frameless† In turn, those who like smart and zen-like solutions can see and test hidden door – not only in the wall (with concealed hinges or non-rebate), but also doors hidden in a mirror wall or in a wooden construction† Each of these solutions can be “previewed” in the Projekt Home showroom in Rzeszów.

Exterior doors and gates in the Projekt Home showroom in Rzeszów

The showroom and exhibition space at ul. Lwowska 79A in Rzeszów is not only interior and residential doors, but also exterior doors, gates and fences. They are not only available in the Projekt Home range, but also on display. According to the principle that what is good and valuable is worth checking and testing.

We have placed a large-sized sliding window in the showroom so that every client can check the functionality and implementation of such a window. We have integrated a black Wiśniowski garage door in color with the wooden doors of the company Węgrzyn. We can also find steel doors from manufacturers such as Wikęd and Martom, in various configurations – representatives of Projekt Home are encouraging.

Your window to the world! The exhibition in the Projekt Home store

When choosing windows, doors, gates or fences, it is worth remembering not only about aesthetics, but also about the comfort of use, suitable parameters, energy efficiency and durability of the products and solutions used. It is an investment for years. At Projekt Home you can choose from top products from the best window and door manufacturers.

The company’s offering includes: windows: with concealed hingesmodern Gealan Smoorio sliding system, HST windows (with huge glazing), hybrid windows, wood-aluminium windows, PVC windows… The offer is wide and the list of modern technologies used is very long. When choosing beautiful and functional solutions, it is worth following the opinions of experts with years of experience who will suggest what works best for a particular investment.

Project Home Rzeszów: Your window and door showroom
Author: Projekt Home Rzeszów
Project Home Rzeszów: Your window and door showroom

Home project in Rzeszów – a modern salon of windows and doors

Whether you are planning an apartment renovation or building a dream home for the whole family – be inspired. In Rzeszów, in the new showroom of Projekt Home, you will find windows and doors from the best manufacturers that allow you to enjoy ease of use, durability and timeless design. If you choose solutions for many years, it is worth relying on professionals and relying on experience.

A new window and door showroom at ul. Lwowska 79A in Rzeszow

Why Project Home? A new showroom for windows and doors in Rzeszów, at ul. Lwowska 79A is one of the largest showrooms in the city, a huge exhibition space and most importantly – a team of professionals with many years of experience. Here you can personally see windows and doors that will decorate your home and choose the best solutions together with Project Home experts.

The Projekt Home showroom is a space prepared for clients – individuals, as well as interior designers or architects who create solutions for their clients. For professionals, a special zone has been created in the salon, equipped with samplers, templates, leaflets and catalogues, including detailed technical data of individual products.

Family design in the showroom at ul. Lwowska is possible thanks to a special zone for children, where the youngest can spend time creatively, while their parents choose the best solutions for the house.

home project

living room of windows and doors

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