Teen mom star Tyler Baltierra gets naked to show off her fitness journey in a nearly nude movie

TEEN Mom Star Tyler Baltierra took off his t-shirt to show off his toned shoulders and sculpted abs in the before and after clip.

The MTV star spoke openly to fans about her quest to change her body and documented it on social media.


Tyler took to Instagram on Thursday to show off his progress with a video posted to his Instagram.

The clip featured a photo of my dad from MTV in March, as well as another shot taken this week.

He looks fit in the first photo, but has a slightly heavier body weight.

The second photo shows Tyler with serious, lean muscles.

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In her caption, Tyler talks about her struggles with body image and more.

“All my life I have hated my ectomorphic body. I have always been known as the ‘skinny guy’ and have never been able to gain weight,” he wrote.

The Teen Mom OG star continued: “I wouldn’t even take my shirt off because I always thought I looked sickly skinny and hated my bony chest so much I was swimming with my shirt on lol

“So maybe I’m not where I want to be yet (I still have a lot of work to do), but I’m just trying to dive into all the little wins I’ll notice along the way.”

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The Michigan native added, “Looking forward to the next mass cycle to see how much more gains I can get because I’m just getting started, honey!


Fans supported in the comments.

“Proud of you my friend,” wrote one of them.

Another observer commented, “Wow! Hard work pays off.

“Well done! You definitely got the fitness bug!” someone else added.

A fourth fan commented: “Shit. Keep it up!!!”

His rock-hard abs aren’t the only aspect of his appearance that fans are hyped about.


Recently, fans dug up an old photo of Tyler comparing him to his seven-year-old daughter.

In a classic photo posted to Reddit, Tyler is just a young teen wearing a white baseball cap.

Users rushed to the comments to comment on how much the duo resembled each other.

“I can really see Nova in Tyler’s young photos,” wrote one fan.

Another added: “[sic] The first, oh my God, his daughters are his image.”

The return photo comes after fans believed their youngest daughter Rya was Catelynn’s twin brother.


Proud parents have been sharing photos and videos of their little ones since she was born last year.

Catelynn posted a video to her Instagram of Raya sitting on the floor playing with toys.

“Look at you, big girl,” said the 30-year-old.

Rya stared at her words into the camera and held her hands in her mouth.

– Are you that big? You’re alone, Catelynn continued.

The mother of four clicked on her and the baby looked up with a smile.

As Rya put the toy in her mouth, the Teen Mom star said, “You’re so cute.”

While fans raved about how adorable the 9-month-old baby is, they couldn’t come to terms with how much she looked like her mom.

“She’s a mini Catelyn,” commented one of the fans.

Catelynn and Tyler have four children together and they all seem to get along.

They share Novalee, Raya, Vaeda and Carly, who they gave up for adoption when they were still in high school.

She gave fans an insight into her fun summer with her daughters.

Recently, Catelynn released an adorable video of Rya playing in the pool with her older sister Nova while the family enjoys their summer in Michigan.

In the clip, the child wore a white T-shirt with floral details and a yellow bow as she sat in a chair in the garden.

The girl held a shell in her hands while her mother asked, “Do you like outdoors?”

Rya then grinned at the camera as Nova jumped into the frame with her hair wet and wrapped in a towel.

She gave her sister two big kisses as they both giggled and the baby fluttered her shell excitedly in the air.

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The adorable content the couple shared with their youngest daughter came before Catelynn revealed that her husband was done with the kids after teasing him during a vasectomy.

Fans were saddened to hear the news as they hoped the couple would have a boy one day.

The reality show star has taken a long fitness journey


Fans whine about his appearance and compare him to his daughter


Tyler and Catelynn have four daughters, one of whom they gave up for adoption


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