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– Drivers must properly prepare the vehicle, it must be technically functional – says Alvin Gajadhur, Chief Road Transport Inspector. – Let’s not forget that we need to be refreshed on the road, let’s not go at breakneck speed, let’s rest. We will manage to reach the sea or the mountains, it is important that we arrive safely. Let’s obey the traffic rules – adds the guest from radio Jedynka.

– The drivers will be disciplined by our speed cameras, sectional speed measuring devices, which are located in dangerous places. I hope drivers will heed all warnings and requests and use common sense to get to your destination safely. Control is one of our activities. We are preparing programs for children (future drivers), for young people, older young people, and we have also started campaigns for seniors – adds the guest of program 1 of the Polish radio.

How to check the technical condition of your car?

Prepare your own car for a longer trip. – Check whether we have an up-to-date technical inspection. Failing that, the police issues a ticket – says Łukasz Nagraba, owner of the regional vehicle inspection station. – Prepare the vehicle technically: check the lighting, that the lamps are positioned correctly so as not to dazzle others, check the wiper blades, organoleptically check the condition of the tires on which cracks, damage or air bubbles may appear – adds the interlocutor of Program 1 of the Polish Radio. Check tire pressure, operating fluids, windshield washer fluid.

If our children go on holiday by coach, we can request a check of the technical condition at a special diagnosis point designated by the Road Transport Inspectorate or at the place from which the vehicle departs, with a view to a mobile inspection. Remember, do it early enough.

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Let’s rest regularly

While driving, we need to take breaks and time away from the wheel should be spent in such a way that the body has a chance to breathe from a long drive. The length of the routes sometimes reaches several thousand kilometers. – When we are sleepy we have to stop, because we can fall asleep at the wheel, and this is a huge risk of an accident – says Dr. Michał Ciużyński of the Department of Internal Diseases and Cardiology of the Medical University of Warsaw. – Long journeys, more than four hours, should be interrupted every hour or two by systematic rest – adds the radio Jedynka guest.

Permissible speed on the road

– It is also very important to maintain the correct speed, because speeding is one of the main causes of accidents. Unfortunately, some drivers still treat the road as a “race track” (…) – says Monika Niżniak, a spokesman for the General Inspectorate of Road Transport. – They not only underestimate their safety and health, but also do not respect the health and life of others – adds Jedynka, a radio interviewer.

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Plan your route

It is worth planning our route in advance. Nowadays you can make it based on not only o traditional but also digital information sources. – We advise drivers to plan their journey, not relying only on GPS, but before they leave, check the route on the Internet, look at the traditional map, listen to the radio, traffic reports – says Bartosz Wysocki, spokesman for the Rzeszów branch of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways.

Program title: Safe Single

They ran: Patryk Kuniszewicz, Klaudia Porebska

Guests: Alvin Gajadhur (Head Transport Inspector), Łukasz Nagraba (Owner of the Regional Vehicle Control Station), Dr. Michał Ciużyński (Department of Internal Diseases and Cardiology of the Medical University of Warsaw), Monika Niżniak (press spokesman of the Head of Road Transport Inspectorate), Bartosz Wysocki (spokesperson of the Rzeszów Department of the Directorate General for National Roads and Highways)

Release date: June 24, 2022

Time of broadcast: 17.12


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