Public holidays in 2022 in Croatia. Is it cheaper by car or plane? We counted

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Tourists from Poland who went to Croatia often decided to travel by car. It was largely influenced by the distance and the fact that you could visit other countries along the way. Unfortunately, long-distance driving has become expensive, which is why many people decide to change mode of transport.

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Croatia is full of quiet places

Cheap holiday 2022. By plane or by car to Croatia?

Fuel prices have risen significantly in recent months. This situation had a significant impact on the abandonment of holiday travel by car in favor of using airline offers. The government announced budget cuts over the holidays, but the exact details of these changes are not yet known.

As we read on the portal, analysts predict that prices could fall by five to ten groszy per liter.

According to the fuel price forecasts, the price of 95 unleaded petrol could be 7.79-8.01 PLN / l, 98-8.68 PLN / l unleaded petrol and 7.89-8.01 PLN / l diesel in the coming week and LPG amounts to PLN 3.41-3.52/l.

– we read the statement from Urszula Cieślak, a fuel market analyst.

Therefore, taking into account the above data, we can easily calculate the cost of a one-way ticket to Croatia. We give an example.

Assuming we fill up with 95 unleaded petrol for the price of 8.01 and leave from Krakow to Vrataruša, which gives us 967 km, with an average fuel consumption of 9 l/100 km, the cost of our trip will be 697.11 PLN a way. We pay the same costs for refueling diesel.

Traveling on LPG is becoming much cheaper. Assuming we travel the same route, with an average fuel consumption of 8 l/100 km, the cost for a single journey will be about PLN 280.

We also have to remember that we don’t know what fuel prices we will find in Croatia itself, so travel costs can increase significantly. However, if we want to spend a holiday in Croatia and we do not have a car with a gas installation, it is worth checking the prices of airline tickets.

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Cheap holiday flights to Croatia, an alternative to car travel

When looking for cheap flights, it is not always worth waiting at the last minute. This year many people want to rest abroad and often there are no good offers. We analyzed different directions to Croatia. Wizz Air offers flights from Krakow, Gdańsk, Katowice and Warsaw.

We can fly in both directions from Katowice to Split in the first half of July for about PLN 600. For a return ticket from the capital to Dubrovnik we pay just over 700 zloty.

Katowice - cost of a flight to SplitKatowice – cost of a flight to Split

LOT Polish Airlines also has an interesting offer. If you fly from Warsaw to Zadar in the same period, you will pay about PLN 765 both ways with the Economy Saver option.

Ryanair in turn offers a cheap connection for passengers traveling from Gdańsk to Zadar. If you decide to fly with this carrier, you will pay almost 400 PLN return in the first half of July with hand luggage included in the price.

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Therefore, when choosing a holiday destination, it is worth considering a holiday in Croatia. Cheap flights allow you to travel despite all the currently rising prices.

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