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Hunters will be able to use small arms fire while hunting, according to the draft regulation of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. It was explained that the hunters can use such weapons to, for example, the so-called gunshots. After the changes, it will also be possible to hunt with night vision, including for foxes.

A draft amendment to the regulation of the Minister of Climate and the Environment on the further conditions for hunting and carcass marking was published on the website of the Central Government Legislation Center (RCL) on Friday.

Among other things, the proposed regulation proposes to expand the catalog of firearms that can be used for hunting, to include short-arms for shooting gunshots and killing predators caught in live traps.

“The proposed amendment is primarily aimed at improving the safety of hunters and hunting dogs used for hunting when shooting wounded game. As a rule, wounded game escapes to places that are difficult to access, covered with dense vegetation, where the use of long hunting firearms is difficult to hunt Long firearms used for hunting are in most cases equipped with optical sights that allow effective shooting at longer distances, but due to the magnification and limited field of view it is difficult to catch the target at a short distance “- indicated in the justification of the project.

As for the traps, it was noted that “the long shotgun currently used for hunting has the kinetic energy of the projectiles fired from it, which significantly exceeds the needs associated with effectively killing predators living in the live traps have been caught, additionally posing the risk of ricochets caused by the inability to lose the projectile’s kinetic energy to”.

The authors of the project point out that the use of small arms by hunters for hunting is acceptable in many European countries.

The project also foresees the possibility of using smaller calibers for hunting long firearms than before. “This allows ammunition to be used for hunting predators that are smaller than before, but with equally effective calibers, which are often used for predator hunting in other countries, such as the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. An added benefit of using smaller calibers than before is a significant reduction in the bang of the shot, improving hunting comfort and reducing the related nuisance, especially at night, to other people living near hunting grounds” – added.

The new regulations will also allow the use of thermal and night vision goggles when hunting predators. Such equipment can also be used for nighttime hunting of invasive alien species.

According to the authors of the project, enabling predator hunting with night vision could enable a more effective fight against rabies. “The analysis of the current epizootic situation in this regard shows that due to the large population of predators, especially foxes, the incidence of rabies in Poland has increased and that there are now cases of this disease in areas that have been there in recent years” – emphasizes.

The new law will also allow individual hunting of hares using game birds. “The proposed change is in response to the postulates of falconers, which have been reported for many years. Falconry is a fringe hunting ground – currently it is handled by about 250 people in the country of almost 128 thousand hunters. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the Polish falconry is included in the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Heritage, and that falconers are obliged to cultivate this art. The amendments proposed in the draft regulation will ensure further development and cultivation of the falconry traditions in Poland “- underlined in the justification. (DAD)

author: Michał Boroń

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