Kumoch: We want Ukraine to be recognized as EU candidate country in June

The presidents of Poland and Portugal: Andrzej Duda and Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa met late Wednesday evening in Braga. As the head of the Presidential Office of International Policy informed, the leaders talked about Ukraine’s chances of getting candidate status for a member of the European Union.

– We are also here to listen to the voice of our hosts, who may be particularly troubled by the vision of the global food crisis caused by Russian aggression and possible consequences of migration – Kumoch emphasized. – It is very important that the southern countries understand our perspective, and we understand the perspective of the southern EU countries – he added.

On the issue of granting EU candidate status to Ukraine, Presidential Minister Andrzej Duda also spoke with Italian President Sergio Mattarella on Thursday. —Ukraine should be granted EU candidate status as soon as possible. We believe otherwise it will be a huge blow – not only to Ukraine, but also to our European identity, because then we will show that the EU is weak and not responding well to the crisis, Kumoch said.

The BPM head pointed out that Andrzej Duda would be joined by Slovakia’s President Zuzana Czaputova, but her participation was canceled due to a coronavirus infection. – The message comes from all over the region: many countries, Poland, Slovakia, the Baltic States and others want Ukraine to be recognized as a candidate country for EU membership in June – he said.

Kumoch stressed that Poland did not believe that Portugal or Italy had a negative attitude towards Ukraine’s European integration. – Here it is rather necessary to support the already existing support. We hope that the European Commission will support the (candidate country) status for Ukraine and that Portugal will not object, the presidential minister stressed, pointing out that the attitude of Portuguese society towards Russian aggression against Ukraine is similar to that of Poland.

Kumoch said Italy had already expressed its support for granting Ukraine candidate status. – We would like to thank them for that and secondly ask them to play a mobilizing role for other countries. We want no country to object to the region with which we have good relations, the head of BPM said.

He announced that the presidents of the countries of our region – incl. Czaputov – they will carry out similar lobbying activities and aim at preventing the inhibition of Ukraine’s EU aspirations in the northern countries.

“We very much hope that neither country will veto what appears to be the only fair decision at the moment,” Kumoch added.

On February 28, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, signed an application for his country’s membership in the European Union.

The presidents of ten Central and Eastern European countries: Poland, Slovenia, Estonia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Croatia voted in favor of Ukraine’s rapid accession to the EU. They called on member states to allow the EU institutions to take steps to immediately grant Ukraine candidate status and start the negotiation process.

At the end of May, after the EU summit in Brussels, the Italian Prime Minister said the prospect of quickly granting Ukraine candidate status for the European Union had met “objections” from almost all major EU countries except Italy. .

Zelenskiy published a recording on Wednesday evening, in which, among other things, thanks the Polish president for his journey through the countries of Europe to support Ukraine’s European perspective.

– I am grateful to the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, a friend of all Ukrainians, for having now embarked on a special journey through the countries of Europe to support the European perspective of our country – said Zelenskiy. As he added, Ukraine will “receive a decision” on its candidacy to the EU in June. – And all our friends, diplomats are now working on it – added the President of Ukraine.

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