“House unrecognizable”. The program was designed to help families. controversies

  • “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” is a reality show broadcast in 2003-2012 on ABC
  • In Poland, the program was known as “Unrecognizable House”. Polsat Television viewers know him
  • The leaders and the team renovated the home of a poor or somehow injured family in each episode. Every story on the program ended well
  • It turned out that in reality it was different. The houses renovated by the team are not suitable for living
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“Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” was known in Poland as “Unrecognizable House” – the program was very popular in the United States, including being broadcast for nine years. The show’s host was a carpenter, Ty Pennington, whom viewers knew from the “Trading Spaces” program. “Home Unrecognizable” quickly gained so much recognition that department store chain Sears offered to sponsor further renovations. Thanks to this, the ABC station has completed as many as 200 episodes.

What was the program about? Ty Pennington and his team traveled through cities and towns across the US to perform the extreme metamorphosis of the same name in the homes of the poor, underprivileged or those helping others. After the renovation, as part of the “Unrecognizable House”, they received not only a new kitchen or living room, but also a swimming pool, home cinema room, games room and other luxuries. Host and crew quickly rose to celebrity status and the show won more awards, including an Emmy. Everything would be fine without the cues coming from the families attending the show.

Photo: ABC/Courtesy Everett Collection/East News

The program crew: Constance Ramos, Michael Moloney, Ty Pennington, Paul DiMeo, Tracy Hutson, Preston Sharp

Any family in the United States can apply to participate in the program. The castings were long and precise as producers carefully selected people whose stories could touch viewers. In the beginning, the viewer had to look at people who were not spared by fate. In the end, their faces had to be filled with smiles.

Simply put, every episode of the program looked like this. After some time, information emerged that the participants of the show did not feel that their lives had improved. On the popular website Reddit, which allows you to share links to content on the Internet, a user started a thread about “Unrecognizable House” and asked other Internet users if they had contact with the program. The reactions may shock you.

Program participants

Photo: ABC/Courtesy Everett Collection/East News

Participants of the program “Unrecognizable house” with the presenter of the show

Some users’ submissions have been reviewed and selected by the BuzzFeed news portal. Some commentators belonged to well-known families who were given new homes. Others were related to those involved in the renovation. Their statements are dominated by stories of work “at the head” (there is only a week to complete the metamorphosis of the house) and poor families who simply cannot afford to maintain a renovated building, which is more like a palace than looks like a house.

A Reddit user wrote:

Another reported that the program team was helping a family in his area – a recently widowed woman with several children needed support. She got a renovated house, but it was so expensive to maintain that she had to sell it and trade it in for something smaller.

The following story may startle…

– wrote one of the users of the Reddit portal.

There were also positive stories. Some argue that families have managed to keep their homes despite the worsening crisis and the drastic rise in US home prices.

– added another commenter.

Malfunctions and non-functioning installations in the house are not enough. Participation in the program has become a source of drama for many. For the contestants, performing in the show involved a loss of privacy. Children from one of the families who appeared on the ABC program were bullied at school, and their parents reported entering the grounds 18 times in a year. Eventually, the family’s life turned into a nightmare and the two adopted sons decided to leave their parents and their new luxury villa. They moved to another city.

Neighbors also complained. One of the most touching moments of any “Home Unrecognizable” episode was when friends and acquaintances of the characters gathered in front of the newly renovated home and supported their loved ones. The problems started later, after the shooting – then the spectators would come to the house. Neighbors feared for their safety. They were also angry when the villa went up for sale, because the previous owners had to pay off debts or simply didn’t have the money to maintain it. For example, a drug addiction clinic has been established in one of the renovated houses, which the local community did not like.


Photo: ABC/Courtesy Everett Collection/East News

The “Home Unrecognizable” program was supposed to help poor families

After the program ended, Ty Pennington continued his pace and focused on several other projects related to renovation. In addition, he created, among other things, a furniture line with the Sears brand, which for many years was the sponsor of the “Unrecognizable House”.

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