A visit to Kyiv. Prof. Moest: For the public. Macron and Scholz team up with Putin to terrorize the world

wPolityce.pl: Do you think Chancellor Olaf Scholz drew any conclusions after the visit to Ukraine? If so, what are they?
Prof. Bogdan Music: I have mixed feelings. I don’t have the impression that anything has changed in German politics. This trip eventually had to happen, just like Emmanuel Macron and Mario Draghi, because there was such a public expectation for a long time. There was pressure in Germany and Scholz eventually had to undertake such a journey. Keep in mind that they have promised Ukraine that they will be granted EU candidate status, but what effect will this have if Ukraine is left to itself? They will not deliver weapons and the Ukrainians will not be able to defend themselves against the Russian invasion.

The first condition, as the opposition in Germany underlines, is that real aid in the delivery of heavy weapons is given on a large scale, which Scholz continues to block. We have information that there are ready-made tanks on the stocks of German defense companies, but there is no permit, so it comes from the Chancellor’s office.
Scholz, Macron and Draghi went to Ukraine and the information came out around the world that their leaders support her, only on a verbal level for now. This is in the realm of words, and in practice nothing happened. What gives Ukraine the status of member or candidate for the EU if Ukraine loses the war? It does not matter. If Ukraine loses the war, it becomes a regime. So what Macron and Scholz are doing in particular is playing in front of the public and simulating actions against Ukraine, because today Ukraine needs heavy weapons and ammunition to defend itself and become a candidate later on. Nothing will give Ukraine this status if it doesn’t have weapons.

This is of course important information, not only for Ukraine, but also for Poland, that Ukrainians will obtain this candidate status. But the first step must be to provide the weapons and sanctions against Putin’s Russia. Let’s take a look at what France is doing – increasing gas imports from Russia. It didn’t decrease, it increased. In Germany, of course, it suddenly appears that Gazprom has actually cut off the gas supply and that Germany has a problem. Because of this addiction, which developed over the past two decades under Scholz and before Angela Merkel and Schroeder’s, I don’t really see the desire to change this policy towards Ukraine. Rather, it is a simulation of public opinion, as Scholz and Macron realize that the governments of Germany and France are losing their image. Germany’s governments in particular are losing their image and are trying to get out of this trap by simulating it.
Remember how Scholz announced that he would provide anti-aircraft weapons. Everyone was happy then and it turned out that it might not happen until the end of the year. So all this is basically done for the public eye so that the papers are writing about it, and at the same time the Gepard or Marder tanks are already in stock, ready to ship, but Scholz is blocking it. You will recognize them by their deeds. It is not the keywords, but the deeds, and the deeds are what they are.

So far we can see that Germany, France and Italy are the ones – Germany in particular – who contributed to the creation of Putin’s Russia’s system. After all, these are Putin’s main recipients and allies in Europe. Not Hungary, not Serbia, just these three countries. Look how Scholz went to Serbia and pressured her to join the sanctions, and yet how much energy she gets. At the same time, France has increased imports and no one is talking about it. So basically we are dealing with misleading public opinion here, and the actual policy is – Macron has already said it clearly – not to “humiliate Putin”, not to “crush Russia”. They believe that the policy of “crushing” Russia is wrong and they want to prevent that. This is dangerous because Moscow is not really a matter of war, but of ideology – ruski mir. As long as this ideology will dominate there, shaping external and internal politics, Russia will pose a threat to Europe, and in general to the world, because we can see what is happening. This is not just an Eastern European issue – what Putin does with the grain already affects the world. It is no longer just a matter of attacking Ukraine – Africa and other countries that will struggle to function without Ukrainian grain are being hit. The crisis caused by this war has a global dimension, and Macron and Scholz are pursuing such and no other policies.
Frankly, I was very skeptical about this visit from the start, because the line of German and French policy towards Moscow is long-lasting and did not originate in Schroeder’s time. The French emerged at the end of World War II, and the German – in the time of Willie Brandt and Helmut Schmidt, and continued. As long as we don’t change this policy, Russia has a chance to continue terrorizing not just Europe, but the whole world.

Chancellor Scholz, as well as President Macron, have said they will continue to talk to Putin. It is important in this situation.
They’ve been doing it from the start. They should have gone to Kiev long ago to talk to the Ukrainian authorities, not to discuss Ukraine’s minds over the Ukrainians’ minds. This is the style of the policy of Western countries, the old European Union, to decide on Ukraine, on Poland in debates with the Kremlin, with Moscow. This is really imperialistic. I don’t know if Zelenskiy asked them to mediate – according to the information, he didn’t. By what right do claims to impose their will on Ukraine? I suspect they came to Kiev to pressure Ukraine to somehow resign. There are such internal discussions. There are many indications that this is the thinking of Scholz and his team. And Macron is a tradition of de Gaulle. What De Gaulle did with regard to Moscow was essentially a criminal act – France’s selfish interests were more important than, say, the existence and functioning of Poland or Ukraine. In 1944 France was liberated by the allied countries. It is the summer of 1944, the Warsaw Uprising, the Germans are slaughtering Warsaw, the crematoria in Auschwitz are at full capacity – they are burning Jews, 10,000 a day. and the world knows – and what does De Gaulle do? He goes to Roosevelt and asks for 50 ships. for what? To send French troops to Indochina to secure the colonies there. This shows the cynicism of the French. To this day I cannot “digest” it because one can act so primitively and selfishly. They liberated them from the German occupation and instead of repaying them, by helping to defeat Germany to save others (it was of little importance to them), they pursued primitive, purely selfish colonial goals. Macron thinks exactly in these terms. Unfortunately.

Only that this thinking of Macron and Scholz has a direct impact on, for example, EU diplomacy…
Thinking and acting. He not only thinks, but also acts that way.

Josep Borrell said the priority is to “end the war” because it is causing a wave of hunger. However, the truth is that if this end happens on Russian terms, it will program another conflict and another wave of hunger…

But after the visit of the leaders of Germany, France and Italy, such words are uttered. I understand that there is indeed a hunger wave, but we don’t do much delaying.

Here Macron and Scholz team up with Putin to terrorize the world. They help the terrorist and the criminal. In a way they are playing hand in hand with him.

Europe’s priority should be to contain and defeat Russia and stop its expansion. End of the war? The war would have ended long ago, had it followed their line: Russian troops would be in Kiev, Yanukovych would be installed, these countries would be torn apart, and “there would be peace” in the world. Macron and Scholz would accept, “unfortunately” Ukraine defends itself, the US and Britain do not support their policies, as do Poland and the Baltic states. In this system, which they have created for decades, there is a collision – on the Paris-Berlin-Moscow axis – and this is where they see the greatest threat. It’s tragic.

In the current situation, when the US and Britain got involved in the policy of Poland and the Baltic States towards Ukraine, is there any chance of breaking this policy by the Paris-Berlin duo or the German-French-Italian trio?
In fact, the condition of peace, but of such a long term, is precisely to break this and above all the politics of the Paris-Berlin duo. There are such opportunities. There is an opposition within Germany itself that is strongly criticizing this and is starting to play a role in breaking the ruling coalition, ie removing the SPD from power. If it works, I am convinced that a lot will change. The CDU is pro-Atlantic in a sense and recognizes the threat Russia poses to the world and to Europe. Let’s hope these aren’t just words. We don’t know how it will go, but the precondition is that this axis is broken to isolate Russia. Macron and Scholz are doing their best not to isolate Russia. And that’s the problem.

Without Western technology, Russia would not be able to build such an army, nor could it really function. Russia is incapable of waging such a war without Western technologies. It is really very simple, but of course Siemens and other large German companies will not be able to make money from it. And here the influence of German companies is enormous, plus of course the French – the French also armed.

There is already an internal debate in Germany about removing the SPD from power, because what Putin is doing is causing a global crisis.

Thank you for the conversation.
Anna Wiejak interviewed

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