T-shirts with a summer print. Which patterns are in fashion in 2022?

Are you looking for a webshop with trendy printed sweatshirts and t-shirts? Do you want to make original prints on T-shirts and break with the prevailing trends?

Do you like fashion? Or maybe you sometimes read fashion news to make them against you? A healthy approach lies somewhere in the middle. It is not worth blindly following the ideas of designers. But treat them as loose inspiration? It’s a very good idea.

Check what printed T-shirts will be fashionable in the summer of 2022. Then create your own unique project inspired by them. Then you always wear yourself original.

T-shirt with the inscription Revolt against the events in Ukraine.

Political and social events have always influenced fashion. Suffice it to mention how the women’s emancipation movement has changed the way people who identify with women dress around the world. Fashion encouraged people to run for elections, protect forests or join the #metoo campaign. What started on February 24 this year in Ukraine has also not gone unnoticed.

People are protesting against the war en masse. Except for t-shirts they also wear sweatshirts, caps and printed bags Ukrainian flag or an inscription in support of our neighbors.

Plain T-shirts with a minimalist print in an original cut.

The trend of becoming oversaturated with the glorification of shopaholism continues. People all over the world are buying more and more t-shirtsthat go with everything. A need clothing personification comply by minimizing the size of the pattern. Often instead full print printing they choose a small one DTG print on the material† They usually place it over the heart and choose a little contrast with the color T-shirt

This is a strictly functional trend that helps create a capsule wardrobe. Especially when women or men’s t-shirt will be the perfect cut for you.

T-shirts with print

Holiday themes recommended as a gift before departure.

After the pandemic, we are tired of sitting at home. We use travel agency offers to make up for lost time. We are increasingly traveling with families. And long before we get into the car or the plane, we don’t hesitate to get into the holiday mood.

If you are planning to take a vacation with your family in the near future, you can make one for you T-shirts with print with the same pattern. In the past, such products were not popular in online stores. Now they are back in favor, as if Poles have regained their sense of humor in difficult years.

Show what magic you love! Put it on your T-shirt.

Among the projects visible in stores, we also increasingly see references to … magic. Astrology, numerology, shamanism, EFT techniques, reading cards or walking through fire? This is a good time for all those who have thus far hidden their fascination with secret methods from the world. Now they can show it openly printing on sweatshirts or t-shirts referring to their passion.

Such topics are no longer a taboo topic that is only discussed in close groups focused on a specific theory.

Create your own T-shirt design in an intuitive wizard.

And how? You already have an idea for yourself T-shirt with print† Or maybe you have something else on your mind? Some online stores are linked to textile printers. Then you can be yourself design your pattern and enjoy unique clothing.

Remember that not all of them cotton knit it is a good basis for printing. Choose a company that offers t-shirts very good quality. At IdeaShirt.pl the basic products are made of ring-spun cotton† This material is very pleasant to the touch, airy and above all stable. This means your carefully designed print will not crack with constant stretching T-shirt

Check us out. You will see that you can design the print. You will soon enjoy wearing it T-shirt cartridge.

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