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To ensure that your weekend or holiday trip doesn’t suddenly end in the middle, a thorough inspection of the vehicle is necessary – especially if it has been unused for a long time. Particular emphasis should be placed on components that ensure a safe journey, such as brakes.

Many motorhome owners have already done this or will wake up their vehicles at any time and prepare them for new adventures. Some works can be done independently, but some must be done by a specialist.

In the workshop, especially safety-related components such as tires, suspension and brakes should be checked. Both in factory motorhomes and motorhomes built from buses or vans, these parts are exposed to heavy loads. Compromises on quality and condition can be fatal. Especially that these vehicles are often fully loaded and loaded (sometimes even excessively), which, in combination with the high center of gravity, quickly brings the chassis and the components working with it to the breaking point.

Brakes for special tasks

When preparing for the season, special attention should be paid to the correct functioning of the components of the braking system, as they play a particularly important role in ensuring the safety of the vehicle. In an emergency, the discs and blocks must bring the entire weight of the vehicle to a halt within seconds. This is an incredibly heavy load for a friction material with a surface area of ​​a few square centimeters.

The Textar brand, owned by TMD Friction, recommends motorhomes to clean and preserve their brakes before sitting for an extended period of time.

– To avoid damage while stationary, it is important to clean the brakes before a long break in driving. Especially if the vehicle has been used in winter and road salt has accumulated on it. Otherwise, heavy rust may appear on the brake discs after a few days, hindering comfortable and effective braking. The use of corroded discs and pads can cause the friction lining to become detached from the brake pad – explains Norbert Janiszewski, technical sales support at the German TMD Friction branch, an avid motorhome owner himself.

And he immediately adds that if you need to replace brake discs and pads, use only high-quality parts from reputable brands. This is because motorhomes balance on the border or even exceed the permissible total weight. This again requires a certain safety reserve

Systematic checks

Textar experts also recommend engine braking on descents to avoid overheating the brakes and – in the worst case – lead to a complete loss of braking power. Motorhome owners should also check the condition of the brake fluid and change it regularly to prevent brake failures due to, for example, air bubbles in the brake hoses.

High-quality parts for safe travel

Textar’s product range includes brake discs and brake pads for many popular vans that are easily used as a base vehicle for motorhomes, including Fiat, VW, Ford and MAN for example. The knowledge gained as an OE supplier for many reputable car manufacturers also positively influences the quality of the spare parts offered by the brand. This is because TMD Friction, to which Textar belongs, spends a lot of time and money on research and development – from developing the right mix to extensive field and road testing.

The result of more than 100 years of the company’s experience in seeking reliable and safe solutions for braking systems include: proprietary blends containing up to 43 raw materials, enabling the production of brake pads that are precisely selected for a particular vehicle and its braking system. Environmentally friendly materials are used in the production process, free of heavy metals and asbestos. Textar also offers brake discs that guarantee braking performance over a wide range of operating conditions, are durable despite heavy loads, reduce noise and provide a stable brake pedal feel without jerking during braking, making a major contribution to road safety.

The wide range of Textar

High-quality Textar brake parts are available not only for the most popular models, such as Fiat Ducato III (Type 250), Peugeot Boxer, Citroën Jumper or Ford Transit, but also for less common or larger motorhomes weighing more than 7.5 tons . and even built on truck chassis. Textar also supports the shift towards sustainable mobility, with 99 percent of the electric and hybrid vehicles available in Europe, including electric motorhomes, already being sold.

In order not to expose yourself to unnecessary risks when traveling with a heavily loaded vehicle, plan a visit to a trusted garage in good time. Especially with safety-related parts, such as brakes, an inspection by a specialist is necessary, because only professional service and repair with high-quality spare parts can guarantee trouble-free, risk-free and comfortable operation of the motorhome.

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