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The subject of abortion regulation returned to the Sejm. In the night from Wednesday to Thursday (June 22/23), a debate took place on the citizens’ bill on safe termination of pregnancy and other reproductive rights. The draft was submitted to the Sejm without compromise at the initiative of the Committee on Legal Abortion. More than 200,000 signed it. people.

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66 percent of citizens support access to legal abortion until the 12th week – Marta Lempart stated in the Sejm.

From Wednesday to Thursday, the civil bill to liberalize abortion legislation was debated in front of empty parliament benches. – No one has to listen to Marta Lempart, but what you see on the street is the voice of the sovereign – a voice I know very well – said a social and political activist, initiator and one of the leaders of the Polish National Women’s Strike of the parliamentary platform.

Lempart on Abortion Legalization: It’s a Health Protection Recovery Program

– I am coming up with a bill whose regulation is based solely on facts and science, which is medicine. It complies with the Constitution and removes from the legal system regulations that do not comply with it and do not meet European standards. This is a health protection recovery program in Poland. This is a recovery program that will end the ongoing practice of violating women’s rights, Marta Lempart said in the Sejm, who presented the assumptions of the civil bill that will relax abortion laws.

– 66 percent of citizens support access to legal abortion up to 12 weeks, 90 percent. Left-wing voters, 80 percent. Civic Coalition voters and 55 percent. PSL voters support such access — a representative of the Legal Abortion Committee listed without compromise, asking whether MPs would listen to their voters’ voices. – More and more people in Poland know that banning abortion does not mean there is no abortion – she added.

Abortion liberalization project: what does it involve?

Let’s remind you. The bill, which was submitted to the Sejm in March this year, provides, among other things, for the possibility of termination of pregnancy under the National Health Fund-funded services until the 12th week of their duration, without asking the patient for the reason and the possibility of terminating the pregnancy after the 12th week if fetal abnormalities are found or the pregnancy is the result of a prohibited act.

The draft also repeals the penal provisions providing for the responsibility of physicians and third parties to perform or assist with an abortion; introduces sanctions for medical entities for unjustified refusal to abort; imposes an obligation on hospital directors to employ subcontractors in case of refusal of abortion due to the conscientious objection clause of all doctors working in the institution; simplifies the procedures of the patient’s objection to the doctor’s refusal; expands the program of prenatal tests, including: o PAPP-A test (to estimate the chance of having a child with a genetic disease) for all pregnant patients.

PiS against, Platoforma for. Poland 2050 wants a referendum

The Law and Justice club has objected to the entire bill. – On behalf of the PiS club, I recommend that the bill be rejected in first reading – said Law and Justice MP Anna Milczanowska.

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In turn, an application was made to refer the project to the Health Commission and the Social Policy and Family Commission by the Civic Platform Club. – It is the woman and the doctor who have to decide about safe motherhood – emphasizes MP Monika Wielichowska.

– You say that our project is radicalism, and radicalism is here, the only major country in Europe with a complete ban on abortion – said Katarzyna Kotula, a member of the left. – For the past seven years you have treated Polish women with institutional state violence – she added, addressing this accusation to the deputies of the ruling coalition. – The possibility to terminate a pregnancy is not a compulsion, but a choice that a woman can make – said Katarzyna Kotula. The Left has filed a motion to refer the bill to a second reading.

– We need a legislative package that provides mothers with state aid in dramatic situations. Such comprehensive laws still do not exist in Poland. There are no compromises on issues of principle, although we as the Club of the Polish Coalition and PSL have proposed to return to the abortion compromise, but even on this issue there was no agreement – said MP Bożena Żelazowska.

– There is no safe termination of pregnancy – a person dies. I am filing a motion to reject this bill in its entirety, said Confederation Parliamentary Group MP Grzegorz Braun.

– We in the Circle Poland 2050 have different views on abortion and each of us will vote in accordance with our conscience – said Joanna Mucha in the Sejm. – We know that our views on abortion come from different experiences and different sensitivities. We are divided on this issue in Poland and we cannot run away from it. We will not pass this law in this House, so we want to offer the Poles how we can get along, Mucha said, proposing to return to the abortion compromise. A referendum would then be held on the issue of abortion. – Let’s hand over the decision to the citizens – summed up the Polish MP 2050. Members of the Polish Socialist Party spoke out in favor of the citizens’ project for the liberalization of abortion law.

The vote on whether to reject the civil law proposal or refer to further work in the Sejm is likely to take place on Thursday (June 23) in the voting bloc.

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