How do you help dogs and cats survive the hot summer in the city?

Prof. Kamila Glińska-Suchocka, veterinarian / Photo. UPWr, mat. press.

Which Dog Breeds Take the Heat the Worst? Are cats more resistant to temperatures above 30 degrees? How do you help your pets survive the hot summer in the city? – states Prof. Kamila Glińska-Suchocka of the Department of Equine, Dog and Cat Diseases of the University of Life Sciences in Wrocław.

-It is difficult to define clearly the temperature of the air, which is hot for our pets. It is determined by many factors, including: the fur of the animal. A different temperature will be critical for the long-haired German Shepherd Dog and a different temperature for the Chinese Crested Dog. – explains the veterinarian, Prof. Kamila Glińska-Suchocka.

Interestingly, paradoxically, long-haired German Shepherds are better protected from high temperatures, Chinese crested dogs, which have a tight coat, are more prone to burns and a rapid rise in internal temperature. High air temperatures pose a particularly serious threat to brachycephalic breeds, such as French bulldogs, pugs, which overheat quickly due to the structure of the respiratory system. Obese animals also respond less well to heat. – adds the professor.

What if pets spend many hours in a small apartment while we go to work?

We must protect them, just as we protect ourselves from the heat. It would be best to install air conditioning in the apartment, but unfortunately not every pet owner can afford this. Therefore, we often have to resort to cheaper methods. First of all, we have to cover the windows before we leave the house. If we have outdoor blinds, these are the best protection against heat. If we do not have external shutters, try covering the windows with shutters or curtains, which will make the apartment heat up much less. – says Prof. Kamila Glińska-Suchocka from the University of Life Sciences in Wrocław.

-Another important thing is to close your eyes before going to work. It is true that the house may be a bit stuffy, but after returning we notice the temperature difference ourselves. – adds the professor. We can ventilate the apartment at night when the temperature is much lower. When opening windows, especially if a cat lives in our house, remember to net them for his safety. And of course we need to have fans and fans that cool the air.

When we leave our pets at home alone, we must remember to leave them a suitable one
amount of water. In hot weather, the animals should be fed cool, not icy water.
Let’s leave a few bowls in easily accessible places.

Should you walk your dog on hot days? If so, how long?

The walk should be a pleasure for both the dog and its owner. However, in hot weather, we need to change our current habits. During the day, when the temperature is highest, the walk should be short. Let’s go to the shady places and don’t forget to bring water for the animal. We can take longer walks in the late evening hours, when the air temperature drops significantly, or in the early morning hours.

Who can make the heat worse: a dog or a cat?

It’s hard to really answer this question. Cats are thermophilic, like to lie on the radiator in the winter and sunbathe in the summer. However, if the air temperature is very high for a long time, it is felt in the same way as dogs. – explains Prof. Kamila Glińska-Suchocka. That is why we must also protect the dog and cat against overheating.

-If, after returning home on hot days, we notice a change in our pet’s behavior and the temperature in the apartment is high, we should always go to the vet to assess the animal’s health. Also, on hot days, remember not to leave pets locked in the car and small rooms that heat up easily. This can lead to their death. – summarize the vet professor.

Photo Prof. Kamila Glińska-Suchocka, Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences

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