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June 22, 2022

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Traveling by motorhome has become increasingly popular for several years now. See which model suits you best.

As a travel journalist and tourism enthusiast, I keep a close eye on the latest trends in different editions. It is impossible to ignore the growing popularity of motorhomes. A motorhome is the perfect choice if we value comfort, independence and more space for holiday gear while traveling.

The fashion for caravans, ie traveling with motorhomes, is not a temporary trend. Interest is growing every year. This can be seen on the streets, on campsites, but also on social media, where internet users eagerly report on holidays in large motorhomes.

The numbers are the ultimate proof. We already find motorhome rental in most major Polish cities. The number of registered vehicles in Poland is also growing. In 2018 alone, 518 new motorhomes were registered. In 2019 there were already 724 more, in 2020 – 1040 and in 2021 – 2191. Every year after that is therefore record-breaking.

Do you value comfort and independence? We recommend how to choose a motorhome / photo from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

It is also worth noting that the most registered motorhome brand in Poland in 2021 was the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand, which offers three universal motorhomes of different sizes: Caddy California, California 6.1 and Grand California.

The pandemic has certainly contributed to the increase in the popularity of motorhomes. Two years, marked by numerous restrictions, have partly changed our habits and habits – also the tourist ones. In our escape from the crowds of people in hotels and not only, we began to appreciate peace and quiet more and more. The new motorhome gives us the comfort of being the only ones resting.

During the months when hotels and other tourist facilities were closed, relaxing in the bosom of nature proved particularly appealing – for example, by a lake surrounded by trees. And here too, campers proved to be helpful. With the camper we don’t have to worry about transport and staying separately. I also know from experience that the best views come from the camper in the morning. It’s hard to get a room with a nature view, just a few meters away from us.

Probably everyone appreciates spontaneity when traveling. After all, this is what holidays are for, so you can finally enjoy the moment and not stick to the timetable. Not having a plan is also a plan. The best way to get to know new places is to explore, moving slowly between cities or vantage points. For comfort, it is best not to depend on the accommodation booked or other restrictions.

Campers provide the desired feeling of freedom and independence. We make a separate sightseeing plan ourselves, with the possibility to stay in a chosen place for a longer period of time. We don’t have to be afraid of accommodation. We continue when we feel like it. Or maybe we’ll discover nearby sights along the way that we’ve never heard of? This is called a trip on our terms.

Before choosing the direction of the next trip – vacation or not – we first choose the motorhome that best meets our needs on the road.

Volkswagen California 6.1 is a classic proposition for travelers who value freedom. Since the presentation of the first model in 1988, the car has proven to be an excellent choice for the winding streets of small towns, bustling metropolises and winding roads. This is partly due to the small surface area. Despite the passing of the years, it is still one of the most popular and favorite hotels on wheels.

VW California 6.1 on the roadVolkswagen California 6.1 / photo: Volkswagen Vans

Space does not have to be a limitation, which is why Volkswagen Grand California focuses on maximum comfort. After all, we often come back from traveling with extra pounds – even in a backpack. In the Grand California model, we can also easily pack active tourism equipment such as surfboards or bicycles. Another advantage of this motorhome is the large living space – there is a custom bed and even a bathroom.

VW California Grand with folded awningVolkswagen Grand California / photo: Volkswagen Vans

Besides, doesn’t California itself sound like an invitation to an adventure? Plan your free time your way. More information about Volkswagen motorhomes can be found HERE.

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