The Sejm started the session; will deal with, among other things, remote working regulations and a draft liberalization of abortion provisions

On Wednesday, the Sejm began a two-day session; will deal with, among other things, regulations on remote work, as well as a citizens’ draft to liberalize abortion rules. In addition, the oath must be taken by the President of the National Bank of Poland, Adam Glapiński, who has been elected for a second term.

At the beginning of the session, the President of the National Bank of Poland will take the oath. In the first half of May, the Sejm appointed Adam Glapiński as chairman of the NBP for a second term. President Andrzej Duda filed a motion in January to reappoint him for another term. The head of the central bank is appointed for six years, an absolute majority is required to be elected by the Sejm and one can be president of the NBP for two terms.

MEPs will also lead the first reading of the government’s draft amendment to the labor law, which is to permanently introduce the possibility of remote work into the code. It should be a more flexible form of working than the current telecommuting.

The definition of remote work will be introduced in the Labor Code, according to which it will be carried out in whole or in part at the place indicated by the employee and agreed in each case with the employer, including the employee’s home address, in particular with the use of means of direct communication at a distance. The Ministry of Family and Social Policy noted that the project provides for both total and hybrid remote working.

Wednesday evening was scheduled for the first reading of the civil law proposal on safe termination of pregnancy and other reproductive rights, which was presented by the Uncompromised Statutory Abortion Commission at the end of March.

The bill, signed by 201,000 735 people, provides, among other things, for the possibility of termination of pregnancy under the services funded by the National Health Fund until the 12th week of their duration, without asking the patient about the reason and the possibility to terminate the pregnancy after terminate the 12th week if fetal abnormalities are found or the pregnancy is the result of a prohibited act.

The representative of the Legislative Initiative Committee is Marta Lempart, the leader of the Women’s Strike.

The Sejm is also discussing the government’s bill on special solutions to protect recipients of certain solid fuels in relation to the situation on the market of these fuels. It provides a fee to sellers for sales to households at a price not exceeding PLN 996.60 per gross tonne of solid fuels such as coal, briquettes or pellets, which make up at least 85% of the coal.

The compensation applies to solid fuels extracted or imported in Poland in the period from April 16, 2022 to December 31, 2022. The compensation may not exceed PLN 750 gross per tonne, with no more than 3 tonnes of solid fuel sold per households. Entities entitled to compensation are entrepreneurs engaged in the marketing of fuels and registered in the Central Register of Excise Authorities.

MEPs will also hold a second reading of the draft amendment to the Teachers’ Charter which changes the professional promotion of teachers. On Tuesday, the Parliamentary Committee on Education, Science and Youth spoke out against the rejection of the bill in first reading as postulated by KO; the commission made a number of changes to the draft proposed by the legislative bureau, correcting the provisions in the draft.

According to the design change, the number of professional promotion steps will be reduced. Two levels of professional promotion of teachers will be abolished: preservice teacher and contract teacher.

Among other things, the project proposed changes in the amount of the so-called average salary of teachers. The average salary of a teacher without a professional promotion degree should be 120 percent according to that guideline. the basic amount, which is determined annually in the budget law for teachers. Currently, the average teacher salary is 100 percent for a trainee teacher. of the base amount, and for a contract teacher – 111 percent. The amount of the average remuneration of appointed and certified teachers will not be changed. So far, it is expected to be 144 percent for appointed teachers. of the basic amount, and for a certified teacher – 184 percent. base number.

MEiN justifies the changes by wanting to simplify and reduce bureaucracy in the teacher promotion system and guarantee higher salaries for teachers who start working at school.

During the meeting, MPs will also receive information about the activities of the Ombudsman for Children in 2021.

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