Canal+ announces serial news for 2023. Belfer and schedule update for summer 2022

Yesterday Canal+ announced its novelties for 2023 at a special conference. She surprised with the resumption of the Belfer series with Maciej Stuhr and a joint project with Polsat. In addition to distant dates, this year’s holiday program was presented, including the film Aida, winner of this year’s Eagles. But let’s start with what awaits us in 2023.

Canal +: Belfer – 3rd season in 2023

The first season of the Belfer series debuted in 2016 and was received positively by critics and viewers. It won the Eagle for best series. The production tells the story of a Polish teacher, Paweł Zawadzki (Maciej Stuhr), who begins a private investigation into the death of one of the students. In the sequel, the main character leaves Dobrowice and moves to Wrocław, where he experiences the kidnapping of his students as a secondary school teacher. In the planned third season, Paweł returns to his hometown. Director Łukasz Grzegorzek revealed the secret to what to expect and the accents seem to be changing. More drama and personal experiences – less criminal plot:

“We’ve been working on the script for months. The crossbar was hung very high, because beak has become a cult production appreciated by many viewers. In the new season, the action will take place in Belfr’s hometown, we will learn about his fears and dreams, and we will face the problems of high school students. I am interested in this story, not only the crime story, but also the gallery of fascinating characters Belfer confronts”

Strange Angels – Polish series with Sci-fi threads?

Another series item scheduled for 2023 is: Polish, a novelty in the crime/thriller genre, in which you will also find supernatural threads. The main character of the geologist Lena returns to her hometown of Wałbrzych to find her missing daughter, with whom the woman lost contact years ago. A mysterious, multicultural production is in the works and promotional photos provide insight into the scene of the action. They suggest that the main character will invade flooded corridors beneath the city. Will there be announced unreal elements? We see Karolina Kominek in the lead role, and her partners include Dawid Ogrodnik, Edyta Olszówka and Alicja Wieniawa-Nakiewicz. Mariusz Palej is the director.

Channel +

Sortownia – series in collaboration with Canal + and Telewizja Polsat

Sortownia is the first series in Poland co-production of Canal + and Polsat† It is certainly a big surprise at the conference, because it means cooperation between two Polish suppliers in our home market. Never before has a Polish production debuted simultaneously on both stations. The series is about the work of a doctor who ‘sorts’ people’s lives. His job is to select which of the emergency room patients should be rescued first. Incredible responsibility, working in difficult circumstances and speed of decisions, the effect of which is irreversible and balances on the thin line of life and death. Directed by Anna Kazejak (Fucking Bornholm), responsible for the script, among others, Wiktor Piątkowski (Wataha) and Monika Pawalisz (Belfer). The premiere of the Sorting installation in the first half of 2023. in CANAL + PREMIUM, CANAL + online, Polsat Box Go and on Telewizja Polsat

Getting Started with Disney+: Sign Up, Supported Devices and Systems

In 2023 we will also have the premiere of two international co-productions. I’m talking about two titles. The first is the 8-episode Marie Antoinette and a new movie, this time an English version of the western Django

Canal+ also announced which titles we will see in 2022. Kruk returns to Autumn with the third season and second episode of the Polish version of Office. The list for the summer of 2022 is as follows:

  • Night house – 24.06
  • All our fears – 25.06
  • Aida – June 26
  • Yellowjackets – June 29
  • The last duel – 2.07
  • Standing water – 9.07
  • Ron Failure – 10.07
  • Incident in Kettering – 15-07
  • March ’68 – 16.07
  • Parents-in-law – 23.07
  • Tenant – 30.07
  • Last night in Soho – August 2022
  • French Courier from Liberty, Kansas Evening Sun – August 2022
  • The Family Rules – August 2022
  • Fall of the Kingdom (Season 5) – 3/8
  • Suffocated (Season 1) – 9.08
  • Everything We Didn’t Have Time To Say – 12.08
  • Raven (Season 3) – Fall 2022
  • Office PL (2nd Season) – October 2022

Article created by Marcin Gontarski.

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