A sentimental car journey STARDRIVE 2022

Let’s imagine love and passion in one, let’s add good taste, elegance and class. Now let’s set the clocks back a few decades, add stylizations from the 30s to 90s, and combine them with the stars on wheels of the time. Let’s add a little adrenaline, that is, start in the Rally and let’s put it in the surroundings of a charming city with a history from the beginning of the 13th century.

The long weekend of June drew enthusiasts and collectors of vintage Mercedes cars to Toruń. Vehicles with a high degree of originality, produced until the end of 1991, have been taking part in the rally for years. It is on this occasion that collectors exchange experiences, compete on the Rally track and in the Elegance Contest, but above all they infect them with a passion for extraordinary, original, beautifully restored vehicles. The stars of the event were vintage Mercedes cars, including rare ones, the oldest jewels of the pre-war automotive industry.

Photo: StarDrive 2022 rally

STARDRIVE is an event that has been bringing together vehicle collectors with a soul for 20 years. Every year the meeting takes place in a different place, and this time the history is round – fans of vintage Mercedes met in Toruń, where a journey with passion began.


Photo: StarDrive 2022 rally

No fewer than 75 teams from Poland, Germany and Lithuania came to the 20th Historic Mercedes Club Rally. Almost all vehicles arrived on their own wheels. On the first day, the monuments competed on the route of the more than 100 km long Rally at Toruń. Cleverness, knowledge and conviviality counted here, but there was no shortage of emotions and adrenaline. The participants had to follow the entire route of the rally correctly, avoiding penalty points and answering difficult questions prepared by the vice commander of the rally. Marek Pietruszewski asked, among other things, due to the weight of the vehicle along with the equipment and passengers, which caused quite a problem for the crews.


Photo: StarDrive 2022 rally

The pearls of historic motorization could be admired up close during the Saturday Elegance Competition on the Old Town Square in Toruń. Each crew presented a vehicle and a perfect style of the time. Collectors took care of every detail: vehicle equipment, feathers, bowler hats, veils, umbrellas – it was a real overview of what used to be driven and how it was driven. The audience applauded the most interesting stories, restored vehicles and owners.


Photo: StarDrive 2022 rally

The rally senior was the Model W21 type 200 Cabrio B Lang, a pre-war two-door four-door convertible from 1934, with a total power of 40 HP, which can reach a speed of 98 km/h to this day. The vehicle’s crew of four showed up in beautiful 1930s costumes. Coral, long dresses and scarves reigned supreme.


Photo: StarDrive 2022 rally

The five vehicles on display recall pre-war times, including the W142 Type 320 Cabrio A model, reconstructed according to the models, 14 vehicles were produced in the 1950s and 13 in the 1960s. During the competition we saw 18 car gems from the 1970s and the most showcased group of vehicles was the 1980s – 21 of them are from that era, including: R 107, W 201, S 123 estate. The Elegance Show ended with a string of 1990s stars, the youngest being the 1991 R129 AMG 500 model

The crews were judged in five categories by a four-person jury: Iwona Stefańska, Jerzy Kossowski, Leszek Jamiński and Rafał Zawierucha.

The Old Town Square in Toruń on Saturday became an automotive history platform that took us through six eras of German automotive history. The event has a unique atmosphere, which can only be experienced live, because only then can you see with your own eyes how the world has changed on four wheels.


Photo: StarDrive 2022 rally

Every year, STARDRIVE brings together old and small lovers of vintage driving and collectors of vehicles with a soul. Their owners say it’s a demanding love that relies on patience, watch precision and significant financial costs, but they make sure that every ride in a vehicle of the past takes you on a sentimental and unforgettable journey. A real chillout on four wheels.

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