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In early June, the head of the parliamentary club Law and Justice, Ryszard Terlecki, said in polskatimes.pl that the law on the postponement of local elections is ready and will be presented to the Sejm shortly. PiS proposes to postpone their deadline from the fall of 2023 to the spring of 2024, so that they do not take place at the same time as the parliamentary elections, which are also scheduled for the fall of next year. Rode?

– BIt is very difficult to organize two powerful electoral operations at once in a short period of time, even if they are several weeks apart – explained Ryszard Terlecki. The head of the parliamentary caucus pointed out that this would also mean that two election campaigns with different funding needs overlap, making resolution more difficult. † In addition, there can be various errors that then burden the election committees. Not to mention that it could just lead to various scams – Terlecki explained.

The opposition criticizes but doesn’t say “no”

These arguments do not convince the opposition. According to Robert Kropiwnicki of the Citizens’ Coalition, the reason for postponing the elections is different from what the government is suggesting. – PiS fears that it will lose the parliamentary elections if they are organized on a date similar to that of the local government, because it has made a mess in local governments in recent years – explains the KO MP. The interlocutor of the PolskieRadio24.pl portal notes that the dates of the elections have been known for a long time, therefore, in his opinion, it is even more strange that the rulers have only now come to the conclusion that their date should be changed .

Despite this, the opposition is not saying “no” to the PiS idea. † We weren’t aware of this project yet, so we don’t know if it’s permanent or one-off. We are waiting for the presentation of the regulations and then we will refer to them – explains Kropiwnicki. In the aforementioned interview, Ryszard Terlecki said that the act will be presented to the Sejm this month. Will this deadline be met?

PiS wants to agree the bill with the president

– We want to bring this bill to the Sejm as soon as possible, later this month – an important PiS politician tells the PolskieRadio24.pl portal. He adds that the bill will be introduced as a member of parliament, although the content must be agreed with President Andrzej Duda. – This will be done in consultation with the chairman. If we have a version agreed with the Big Palace, then the project will be submitted – says our source from the PiS club. What does the president’s chancellery say?

– We are waiting for a specific bill, we are waiting for a specific, detailed motivation (…) then the president will look at it, when the bill goes through the parliament, he has analyzed in detail and made decisions. Now he is talking to various people, including local government officials, for opinions, but he will make a decision at the right time – presidential adviser Łukasz Rzepecki said on TVN24.

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The source of the PolskieRadio24.pl portal in the presidential palace explains that the president has doubts about the PiS idea. – As an excellent lawyer, the chairman attaches great importance to the statutory terms and is therefore not in favor of implementing changes in this area. On the other hand, the premises of PiS are serious. I half estimate the chance that the president will give the green light on this matter, explains the politician from the presidential chancellery. And he adds that the presidential wage is open for discussions, but does not confirm whether such consultations are already underway with PiS.

However, this topic came up in conversations with local government officials who gave Andrzej Duda a negative opinion of the PiS idea. † Our position is clear. For us, the terms arising from the constitutional order are sacred. We want local elections to be held in accordance with the constitution, Wroclaw President Jacek Sutryk said after the meeting. – We compared the postponement of the elections with the envelope elections. No final statement has been made, but we are full of hope, said Sopot president Jacek Karnowski.

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