The summer sale at CCC has started! These 7 things are especially worth chasing. You can find them in the closets of influencers

Summer has finally arrived. And with it the summer sale. Discounted purchases can be made at CCC, among others. What is especially worth chasing? We point out 7 things worth buying at CCC during the summer sale to enjoy them for years to come. Some of them have top influencers in their wardrobe!

It is official! The summer of AD 2022 has finally started, and with it the summer sales season. You can shop with a discount at H&M, among other things, the summer sale will also continue at Reserved. Good news? CCC has just joined the popular retail chains, welcoming warmer days with discounts. So it’s hard to find a better time to stock up on a bag or shoes you’ve always dreamed of. And certainly the ones that were missing from our closets. What is especially worth hunting during? summer sale at CCC before 2022? We list 7 things that particularly stood out to us. Besides, not only us, but also top influencers, some already in their wardrobe. And also on the instagram feed. Get inspired! Here’s our subjective shopping list. Now you will realize up to 40% cheaper!

You noticed and noticed can’t you have too many sneakers in your wardrobe? Therefore, it is worth hunting for sports shoes during the sale. At CCC you will find models from popular brands such as Reebok or New Balance, but also less obvious suggestions. They caught our attention Lasocki woven leather shoes, which are available in the brand’s range not only in a beautiful powder pink, but also in other shades: camel, gray or black. And the price is really good!

It’s hard to find a better time than the (not just) sale at CCC to buy a leather handbag – one that you can wear for years. So if you’ve been trying to buy for a long time but were put off by the high price, don’t worry now. Buying a high-quality leather bag at a discount is a real saving. It’s worth donning a timeless, economical design that will never go out of style and that really goes with everything – and that even works as styling for work. Example? Gino Rossi leather handbag in a minimalist shape inspired by shopping baskets (similar to the one Ania Kuczyńska designed years ago). The bag by Gino Rossi is available in three colors: grey, black and beige. Prague influencer Lucie Kratochvilova already has the latter in her wardrobe. Do you like it too? Now you can buy it and 32% cheaper.

If you’re a fan of the Bottega Veneta aesthetic, but don’t need a few thousand zlotys, it’s worth checking out the CCC store (including the online one), because here are low-heeled flip flops inspired by the style of the fashion house is waiting for you. And they are now for sale. You can recognize them by the characteristic profiled heel and wide, padded straps that support the foot. And you have two colors to choose from – classic white and black. 32 percent discount It couldn’t be more tempting, especially since the shoes are made of genuine leather.

If you don’t have a beach bag yet, consider Jenny Fairy’s braided shopper bag† It is very spacious so it will think of everything worth having on hand by the sea. And it goes great with a bathing suit (and more). The best proof? One of the last stylizations of Małgosia Guzowska’s model and influencer.

This year’s summer is hard to imagine without flip flops. Slippers in the style of the Land of the Rising Sun are one of the hottest trends of the season – especially if they are distinguished by a thick sole or an intense color. We found the ideal in CCC. I’m talking about Jenny Fairy slippers that come in four color variants to choose from. In addition to classic black, there is a juicy orange, intense green and fusia. Whatever you choose, you will not go unnoticed in it. She knows very well influencer Sophia Molen who walks in them through the streets of Lisbon.

The most fashionable shoes for the summer of 2022 are also fisherman style sandals – made of numerous stripes covering the toes, on a flat sole and with a strap that holds the ankle. They have been popular since last season when most of the top fashionistas promoted them on Instagram. Where to get them? You’ll find them in Lasocki’s summer collection – and as you can guess, they’re on sale now. Touch!

While summer sale at CCC It is also worth investing in classic ballet flats – with a round toe and a delicate decorative bow. Sturdy leather or suede. Or an imitation of it if you are vegetarian. In the wake of the fashion comeback of the 2000s, these ultra-comfortable shoes are experiencing a major renaissance in the Spring/Summer 2022 season. And they probably won’t go out of style anytime soon. And even if they come back soon.

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