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St. Augustine was a master of short and precise thoughts. Among the most powerful are “As long as you fight, you are the winner” and interpreted in many ways “Love and do what you will”Photo: Pixabay / Andi_Graf

In the new book, content that focuses on the needs of adults is presented in the form of interviews, from which the reader can learn, for example, what to look for if we want to focus on self-development and how to regain self-confidence. The book also tells about a village that relates to the people around us. – These are all the people with whom we have relations, but they are closer relations, that is, relations that can be called support, exchange relations. – said Małgorzata Stańczyk. They are also relationships with people who accept us and with whom we can feel safe. On the other hand, a village can also refer to a wider group of people with whom we do not always have contact, but who do have positive associations with them.

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Sometimes people find it difficult to build a village because they feel that they have no one around. Still, it may turn out that to build a village is enough to notice and cultivate smaller relationships, including with people you don’t see every day. Sometimes a village also expands when we enter a new environment, for example when our child goes to kindergarten.

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When building your own village, communication with people is important. Nevertheless, relationships with others begin with relationships with yourself. – I think it all starts with this, that we somehow start looking at how we are with ourselves, but on the other hand I suspect that each subsection touches on such a social context, that is, we being constantly immersed in relationships with other people. – said Małgorzata Stańczyk. Many people need inspiration, support and the feeling that someone is listening to us and noticing us from relationships with others.

The hardest part of building a village can be finding someone who wants to learn with us how to build it, and see that we can take action. Nevertheless, in identifying them, questions that we want to ask others to get to know them better, such as “What do you mean by that?” can help us. So the point is to be curious about the other. It is also good to let go of the belief that we should know and be able to do everything. If we accept that we sometimes feel helpless, we will become aware that we are not alone in this feeling.


Program: Parent zone
Led by: Mikołaj Foks
Guest: Małgorzata Stańczyk and Agnieszka Stein
Issue date: 3.12.2021
Air time: 9pm.

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