The Polish flight attendant showed how to pack: five steps

Make a list

Think about what you need. Make a list of all the things you plan to take with you on a trip. It will certainly contain clothes, shoes, toiletries, documents, but also maps, guides, reading material and information about the hotel or the rented car. The checklist will also help you pack for home, as you will have an inventory of all the items you brought with you.

What are the three things Emirates flight attendants always pack before departure?

I also take a book with me every time – I’m the type of person who reads constantly, so a book is a must for me. In addition, reading keeps me busy with technical problems in the hotel, such as a lack of electricity or internet. Last but not least – a snack! I have layovers in time zones other than Dubai – I am prepared in case we wake up in the middle of the night (while it is noon in Dubai time zone) and are hungry.

Plan your outfits

Planning in advance what to wear and adapting your wardrobe to the weather and planned activities will help you avoid repacking and be prepared for any situation. If possible, also bring things that you can easily put on again. Layering dressing is a great way to deal with changeable weather.

I check the weather, monuments and attractions and based on that I pack my suitcase† For example, before going to Los Angeles, I knew I wanted to go on a walking tour under the Hollywood sign, so I made some sportswear for the occasion — Paulina says.

Select the type and size of luggage

Suitcase, bag or backpack – adapt the luggage to your needs in terms of size, weight and whether you carry it and for how long. Then – when you’ve made up your mind – choose the smallest possible size that you can fit everything in† For large suitcases, we often take more than we need. A smaller suitcase ensures that we pack more carefully.

If I go on a more demanding journey, such as a trek, I prefer to take a backpack because it fits a large bottle of water, snacks and extra clothes – that’s really all that can be useful for me – says the expert.

How do you prevent creases in clothes?

The “rolling” technique, which has been known for a long time, is the most popular. Put two or three items on top of each other, smooth them out and roll them up like a sleeping bag† This saves space and prevents creasing. To further prevent creasing, place a sheet of thick tissue or wrapping paper between the garments before folding them. What does the flight attendant of Emirates say?

“To be honest, I haven’t found a magical way to fold clothes that prevents wrinkling. It is best to put previously ironed clothes in a suitcase† On arrival they need at most a light refreshment with an iron. I’m ready to go fast!

Prepare your hand luggage

Make sure that this small bag contains things that will ensure your comfort when traveling with the chosen mode of transport. It is always good to have an easily accessible bag with you, so as not to grab a big luggage every time you need basic things. You carry your hand luggage with you, so make sure it is light.

Well packed luggage is no guarantee for a successful holiday, but it does make it a lot more fun! The most important will always be with whom and where we go.

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