Summer is coming – TOP 10 holiday songs

Although the temperature has been saying a lot about the upcoming holidays since a good month, calendar summer has started today. The school year ends on Friday and all events will be lit with the rhythms … We searched the Internet for rap songs that best fit the definition of “summer kids.”

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Below are our 10 suggestions:

kizo feat. Wac Toja – Our Summer

Kizo numbers call cosmic numbers, culminating in “Disney”, which was once heard literally everywhere. However, we have decided to include in the list the song from “Our Summer”, made in collaboration with Wac Toja. The gentlemen baked a few hits together and all won tens of millions of views.

Quebonafide – Trip

The song summarizing the travels of Wesoła Ekipa was the seventh single to announce the album “Ezoteryka”. As you can see, Quebonafide’s travels have run into Quebonafide’s blood, resulting in the later album “Egzotyka”, which produced clips from all over the world. However, every adventure has its origin…

White 2115 – California

Łajcior’s most popular song, and also the second most popular song on the SBM Label channel. “California” alongside “Eldorado” are the only clips to date to have been shown more than 100 million times. White 2115 is known for the holiday shots and party atmosphere presented in his work, so we’re likely to hear more than one hit from his hand.

Bedoes – Summer is coming

It is rare for the album’s bonus track to become a hit, usually they are known to listeners who decided to order the physical version of the album. However, some songs break this rule and win a group of fans. This is what happened to the song “Nadchodzi lata” from the album “Opowieści z Doliny Smoków”, which has already been viewed 43 million times under the clip.

Mat – Stairs

It is a true classic for Warsaw residents, despite the fact that it was created in 2019. It became an instant hit, gaining 67 million views to date. The title “Stairs” is named after Matczak, and the fact that the artist featured the song twice on the report already foreshadowed a spontaneous concert from a ship on the Vistula.

Sentino – Tattoo

The Latin sounds Sentino brings to the Polish market have made him the most melodic Polish rapper in the eyes of many listeners. “Tattoo” was removed from YouTube during the artist’s conflict with StepRecords, but he quickly reached a compromise with the label and we can once again enjoy the video for the song on Sebastian’s channel.

SB Mafija – And you don’t remember how?

This is the most popular song of the first edition of the Maffija Hotel, already approaching 50 million views. Interestingly, Mata, Jan-rapowanie, Adi Nowak and the rest recorded this song after going too much into the melange the previous day. As you can see, life dictates the best scenarios.

PRO8L3M – Summer Solstice

The only song on the list without a music video, but PRO8L3Mu’s “Summer Solstice” comes from the already iconic album “C30-C39”. With him, Oskar and Steez won crowds of fans with an off-beat combination based on electronic sounds, and many listeners still associate the summer soundtrack with this song.

Żabson feat. Kizo, Zetha, Vladimir Cauchar – Puerto Bounce

And this is just a specific team. When there are so many representatives of chillwagon on one track, who love party sounds, it becomes clear that this will soon be the soundtrack of many summer meetings. Żabson, Kizo and Zetha proved their worth in beating the French producer with whom the head of Internaziomala while working on the album “Ziomalski Mixtape”.

Wiatr feat. Be vis, Sobel – Testarossa

The term “One Hit Wonder” is a disservice to any artist, but the Wind didn’t pick songs like “Testarossa,” which featured Guest and Sobel. The song got nearly 70 million views, and the next most popular – 14. Let’s hope the best is yet to come, because “Testarossa” raged from the speakers at many events.

The bad and good sides of popularity

Floral Bugs and Opał are among the most popular artists of the young generation. This is confirmed by each of their premieres, which is checked by a large number of listeners. Their tracks are played millions of times and thousands of people follow their daily moves on social media. Does recognition sometimes overwhelm them? Watch on YouTube!

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