Broniarz: We have drafted a draft amendment to the Collective Dispute Resolution Act

The Polish Teachers’ Union, together with the Trade Union Forum, has prepared a draft amendment to the law on the settlement of collective disputes, Sławomir Broniarz, chairman of the Polish Teachers’ Union, told Tuesday. The unions propose, among other things, that the government, that is, the real manager of public funds, should be the party in the dispute with teachers.

For years, the Polish Teachers’ Union has repeatedly said that education is the most important policy area. What is happening today in the field of education policy makes us very sad and extremely anxious,” the PA chairman said at a conference in Warsaw. “The proposed changes to education legislation, which fund education, indicate, in our view, that this is an absolutely anti-educational and anti-educational policy,” he added.

He states that the proposals regarding the salary increase and planned changes are absolutely not in line with the expectations placed on the school.

“The Education Minister, Przemysław Czarnek, is trying to beat teachers instead of working with them. (…) If we expect teachers, and rightly so, to work intensively and to shape and educate the young generations, then the proposals for equal compensation for this effort are absolutely out of date’, concluded Broniarz.

He emphasized that “you can count on teachers, but also on teachers at the same time”. “The fact that teachers are leaving the profession en masse today is the result of the fact that the state does not even try to work out joint ventures and proposals for wage increases in talks with unions. This is something that requires absolute resistance from the unions,” he said.

“The proposal to increase salaries by 4.4 percent, by 14 percent inflation shows that this is not even inflation compensation, it is not an offer for this environment,” he added.

Broniarz said that the PA, together with the Trade Union Forum, is preparing a draft amendment to the law on the settlement of collective disputes.

“Nowadays, if we want to enter into a collective dispute, we can do it with the employer, who is the school for teachers, and the employer is the principal. (…) We want the government to become a party to the dispute, at least for teachers who receive salaries from the state budget,” he said.

“We cannot imagine that we will continue to have a collective dispute with the director because it does not solve anything,” he said.

Broniarz said he wanted to submit a proposal to amend the law to the Social Dialogue Council so that all union centers operating within the RDS would respond. At the same time, talks will be held with parliamentary clubs to adopt the draft amendment prepared by the unions and submit it as a parliamentary initiative.

“The Forum of Trade Unions has submitted to the Council for Social Dialogue a draft amendment to Article 5 of the Act on the resolution of collective disputes in the case of the public financial sector, and thus not only teachers but also other professional groups who working on the basis of state budget resources distributed either by the government or by the local government, the employer was the real employer, not the apparent one, that is, the one who has public funds at his disposal,” said Sławomir Wittkowicz , chairman of the Free Trade Union “Forum-Oświata”.

“We highlight two essential elements here. In the case of the government, this is the competent minister, and if the matter goes beyond its scope, it is the Council of Ministers, as a party both to resolve collective disputes and, possibly, in the future, to negotiate over-company or sectoral collective agreements. ; this is a problem with tracks in Poland. On the other hand, on the part of local government units, this is the executive body of the municipality, i.e. the head of the municipality, mayor, city president, staroste, marshal of the voivodeship. And here we already have an arrangement, also in the Labor Code, because I want to remind you that the party for employees who are non-teaching workers at school, who are allowed to enter into a multi-enterprise collection scheme, is the municipal head, president or marshal of the Voivodeship “- he pointed out. Therefore, as he said, he should also be a party to the resolution of collective disputes.

“After 30 years it is necessary to end the fiction that the partner for the budget sphere is the director of a budget unit, who has no influence on what the budget will have and how he will distribute it. it makes it difficult for unions to fulfill their statutory duties. This is also contrary to International Labor Organization guidelines, which also state that the real employer, i.e. the one who has the means, and not the one who implements the budget established elsewhere, must be party to national law”- emphasized the head of the WZZ” Forum -Education”.

Broniarz said that following the Sejm’s rejection of the Senate’s amendments to the teachers’ charter, according to which the average salary of teachers would increase not by 4.4 percent, but by 20 percent from May 1, the PNA sent a questionnaire to its cells sent with the query : .in. for possible forms of protest. The research results are sent to the union headquarters. Next week, the PNA Board of Directors will meet them. The Board of Directors will meet in Warsaw on Tuesday and Wednesday. (DAD)

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