A body lotion with an SPF filter is a must-have for the summer. The sun protection doesn’t stop with the face cream

Body lotion with SPF filter is a cosmetic that is useful not only on the beach. Your skin is also exposed to the negative effects of UV rays on a daily basis. Protect it in the easiest way possible.

Summer care should focus not only on eliminating the damage caused by the sun, but above all on protecting the skin from its occurrence. For this reason, it is worth having several products in your makeup bag that target specific areas of the body. Face cream with SPF filter is the most popular of these cosmetics. They can take over his role without any problem makeup cosmetics with SPFwhich will not only take care of our appearance, but also create a protective layer against UVA and UVB radiation on the face. It’s not worth stopping at face shields, though there’s still a summer cosmetic hit even inside – lip balm with SPF filter† But going further, there is another question. In the summer we show a lot of the body. We opt for dresses with straps that reveal arms and hands, or shorts or mini-dresses that expose our legs to sunlight. To ensure that such excessive exposure of the skin to the sun does not lead to unpleasant burns or, worse, does not lead to a skin disease in the future, it is best to protect yourself with appropriate cosmetics. Body lotion with SPF it will be perfect. The higher the index, the better the protection. Therefore, choose products with a minimum protection of SPF 30.

Cosmetic brands have provided a wide variety of tanning products. However, their name may incorrectly indicate that we only need them when we go out in the sun with the thought of getting a tan. However, the rays constantly affect our skin. Whether we are lying on a lounger or on our way to work, we can defend ourselves against it effectively. One of those products that can help us survive the summer safely is sunscreen for face and body SPF 30 Brand Nutridome† The cosmetic contains high filters to protect against UVA and UVB radiation. Formula enriched with avocado oil deeply moisturizes and smoothes. After applying the lotion, the skin is not only prepared for sunbathing, but also radiant and feels soft.

La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 is a soothing and renewing lotion that offers high protection SPF 50† In addition, it provides the skin with additional bonuses that can make it a choice.

The key is Procerad™ in its formula. This ceramide helps prevent discoloration. In addition, the cosmetic supports the reduction of the already produced, and also repairs damage caused by the sun. Panthenol soothes and regenerates. It is also worth emphasizing that La Roche-Posay’s balm is perfect even for sensitive skin that requires special care and the best sun protection.

In the case of sun protection, do you need a cosmetic for special tasks? Shiseido SynchroShield SPF 30 he is the one you are looking for. Although the lotion is quickly absorbed, it leaves a protective film on the skin that protects the skin from the sun. SynchroShield(TM) technology is activated under the influence of light and water to not only enhance protection against UV radiation, but also allow us to survive the summer in the most comfortable way. The formula of the cosmetic contains technology that creates real magic on the skin. The intelligent fragrance reveals itself when it comes into contact with sweat and activates additional fragrance notes to neutralize unpleasant odors.

Eucerin Sun Sensitive Protect is a light tanning lotion SPF 50+† Such cosmetics are one of the necessary products if we want to take good care of our skin during our stay in the sun. Thanks to the high-index filters, SPF 50+ offers good protection, but the benefits don’t stop there. When choosing a daily tanning lotion, we don’t just look at the composition, but also at the consistency. In this case, the subject matter seems to be good absorption and the lack of an oily film. In the case of Eucerin SPF lotion, we don’t have to worry about our skin looking bad or our clothes getting damaged. Everything remains under control, and especially the safety of our skin.

Among the body lotions with an SPF filter, which will work well not only on the beach, but also on a daily basis, there is also Lancaster Sun sensitive† This cosmetic offers advanced sun protection, even for sensitive skin. SPF 50 Fat Free Body Milk is based on Full Light technology, which protects against UVA and UVB radiation, infrared radiation and visible light. The Sunsicalm complex of natural origin helps to strengthen the skin’s natural resistance to the sun. Assessment-friendly, light and fat-free texture of formula milk clean easily penetrates the skin and does not leave white marks.

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